Hyde & Seek–Episode 7

In this episode a huge jigsaw puzzle piece in the mystery was revealed.

We finally got to see more of Claudia in this episode, which I have called for in my previous reviews due to Furness’ acting prowess. I found it interesting that Hyde & Claire chose to meet her at a cemetery to talk about Jackie, even more so when Hyde was defending Jackie.

The mosque and car bombings added well to the overall mystery, but other than that the action was lacking in this episode, however like with episode 5, I believe this episode is meant to be more mentally than physically spectacular. The revelation that the explosives used were the same explosives that killed Nick wasn’t that much of a revelation, it seemed obvious to me that it was going to be the outcome.

The digging into Jackie’s character as a suspect was the highlight of the episode. I didn’t see her as being a former neo-Nazi coming. While it makes her as a character interesting, I do question whether this was added to make her look more like a suspect, as it seems inconsistent to what we have previously seen in her as a character. Then again, that would be the point to throw off the viewer, so I guess I can give it a pass, however it didn’t really fit in seamlessly.

I did enjoy Claire’s effort to find dirt on Jackie, however her almost being caught in the act was really a cliche. The best scene for me was the sort-of interrogation between Hyde and Jackie, to me it didn’t feel like an interrogation as Hyde clearly doesn’t think that Jackie is the perpetrator, and it also shows how far their working relationship has progressed.

I did enjoy the performances of Alexander Bertrand and Harriet Dyer as Danny Tollis and Dakota Matherson respectively. I think they played the role of the stereotypical white supremacists perfectly. On a personal note, I didn’t recognise Harriet Dyer at first as I’m accustomed to seeing her in Love Child and as a Love Child fan, I enjoyed seeing Harriet and Mandy McElhinney working together in what could not be a more different show, but I digress. The reveal of John Debeers and ASIO’s involvement was seamless and I’m looking forward to discovering who the perpetrator is, my money is on Andrew.

At first, I felt Oscar’s health scare didn’t really add to the episode until the last two minutes. I felt a sense of unease when everything came back clear and everyone was happy, I knew a twist had to be thrown in somewhere. Hyde’s car being hit at the end of the episode was a twist I kind of saw coming, that being said it perfectly leads into next week’s season finale.

Overall this episode was an improvement from last week and considering that I’ve found no information on whether there will be a second season, next week’s finale will be interesting.




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