The Secret Daughter–Season 1, Episode 4 (Lean on Me)

I felt that this episode is a bit of a filler to lead into the remaining two episodes.

My reasons for this are due to the episode revolving around Jack’s funeral, the arrival of Layla, the return of Gus, the media catching on to Billie’s appearance in the Norton family and Bruno’s discovery of where Billie is. All of these moments are building up towards explosive drama.

While it was good that the funeral was brief so the viewer isn’t traumatised or bored, I felt that Chris’ eulogy was sweet however it was undermined by Jared Turner’s stiff performance. I felt that he was trying to hard to be emotional and it honestly didn’t feel authentic. It didn’t surprise me that a couple of journalists managed to sneak in and take photographs of the funeral, the whole “hiring security to keep media away only for them to show up” plot device is a cliche. However I felt it was a good and realistic choice for the media to reveal Billie’s whereabouts to Bruno.

Despite how I felt about his performance at the funeral, Jared Turner’s performance with Renee Lim (Vivienne) was amusing. Considering how serious Chris is, it was a breath of fresh air to finally see a perkier side to him after he and Vivienne finally give into their lingering feelings. I loved the interaction between them, especially Vivienne first attempt at declaring her feelings for him as it gave the episode as whole some much needed humour.

I find Billie’s jealousy towards Layla making a move on Jamie strange, considering that she believes Jamie is her brother. I think the whole “love triangle” angle would only be effective if she thought or knew that she wasn’t related to him.

I’m interested to see what Bruno and Rachel’s next move will be now that he knows where Billie is. I’m also interested in seeing the next episode so I can find out who this “worst lawyer” will be for Billie’s court case. One thing I wasn’t interested in seeing was Billie’s band in Walperinga as they really didn’t add to the episode.

Overall the episode was clearly a filler and because of that it was a little dull, however I think it provides a great transition to the remaining episodes.



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