The Wrong Girl–Season 1 Finale

In all honesty, for a finale, this episode was a little disappointing.

The first third of the episode is spent on the birth of Pete and Meredith’s baby. I felt that the birth scenes were realistic without being overly graphic, which I appreciated. I also enjoyed finding out why Lily ended up looking like she had been through the wringer when her brother showed up 10 hours later. I also enjoyed the moments afterwards such as Mitchell showing up to congratulate them and Ivan telling Lily to stay away from them. I wasn’t surprised that Mitchell showed up, however I was relieved when he didn’t go in as it would be going too far and is unrealistic, that being said I felt a little heartbroken for him. I also enjoyed Ivan telling Lily to stay away as he is the only character who is being honest and realistic about the situation and deep down, Lily knows this. It did annoy me that the baby’s name wasn’t revealed (unless it was and I missed it, please let me know if I did).

Another third of the episode focused on Lily’s work situation with Jack. I felt that both Jack and Eric were unlikeable in this episode for different reasons. I felt that Jack was being a little bit of a jerk to Lily when she said that she couldn’t go away with him due to her responsibilities, not to mention it seemed out of character for him. While Eric’s behaviour and joy of Jack leaving didn’t surprise me, I still felt that he was being especially over-the-top and out of control, even for him. I hope he’s fired in the next season or at least finally called out on his behaviour.

On a similar note, I felt that Lily’s choice to resign from her job to travel with Jack was a ridiculous one and quite out of character for her, considering how much she wanted the Supervising Producer job in the first place. I also enjoyed the argument between Pete and Lily when she tells him about her travel plans as they finally call each other out on their questionable behaviour throughout the season.

The other third of the episode focused on Lily’s attempt to repair her friendship with Simone. I felt that the phone call between them, especially on Simone’s end, was realistic and well done. I personally felt that Simone forgiving Lily because she saw videos of their friendship over the years was a cliche and purely because it was a finale, however I appreciate that the writers chose not to drag it out. I also liked Simone’s subtle blessing for Lily’s choice to be with Jack by telling her to follow her heart, especially as she goes on to follow her own with Vincent.

The highlight of the episode for me was Ivan subtly and slowly revealing to Pete that he may have a brain tumour or cancer. For the first time, Ivan shows his vulnerability, not to mention it explains his behaviour both throughout the season and in this episode with his new granddaughter.

The end of the episode for me was perfect in regards to its transition into the next season, however the rest of it I just didn’t like. Pete declaring his feelings for Lily at the end of the episode and season is a cliche, not to mention it made me like him less as his baby with another woman has literally just been born. I also didn’t like it as it seems that Pete and Lily’s attraction to each other has been inconsistent throughout the season.

As I said at the beginning of my review, I felt that this episode, for a finale, was a little disappointing. I felt it was disappointing as there really wasn’t much drama in it and the ending was cliche. However I felt that this episode sets up the future plots for the next season quite well. Despite how I felt about this finale, I’m looking forward to reviewing The Wrong Girl again next year.



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