Hyde & Seek–Season Finale

I found this season finale interesting as Hyde & Seek‘s future remains to be seen.

The last season finale I saw where the show’s future was uncertain was the third season of Love Child back in August. Love Child‘s finale managed to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones, in case they were renewed for another season. Hyde & Seek managed to wrap up their major story arc, however they didn’t establish any new ones, which will make season 2 interesting, if there is a second season.

The resolution of Hyde’s car “accident” was given away in the trailers with Hyde & Oscar shown walking away injury free and Sonya being wheeled into the hospital. However I felt that the scenes between Hyde & Oscar in the hospital and Hyde’s emotional reaction were realistic. It was obvious that Hyde & Sonya’s baby would be fine as if it wasn’t, it would take the attention away from the main drama.

On another note, my favourite scene had to be the confrontation between Claudia and Andrew. I could feel the satisfaction in Furness’ character when she finally told Andrew she knew everything and Andrew’s tension when he realised he had been caught. Deborra-Lee Furness and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor are incredible actors and I feel that their acting prowess’ were underused in Hyde & Seek.

In regards to the season finale overall, I felt it was anti-climatic as I thought that Andrew was the perpetrator all along, due to his creepiness factor and unwillingness to co-operate with the squad. However in the finale we were finally shown how cold blooded he is to the core. The surveillance photo itself was scary enough, however we also saw his psychopathic tendencies when Sonya remembered seeing him behind the wheel of the car and at the end when he ambushed Claire and Hyde. Hyde summed up Andrew’s character flawlessly as a coward and I liked how it tied in with the revelation that he knew the bomb of the van that killed Nick was rigged. I’m not a fan of the “fight while the other hostage scrambles to get the other gun” cliche, but I liked that of all people, Claire was the one to kill Andrew. That moment showed off her “spy” kills and it was too much of a given for Hyde to do it.

Overall the finale was good, but not as good as I expected it to be. There wasn’t as much drama as I anticipated and I think should have been and while everything was wrapped up nicely, it was all a little too easy and rushed. That being said, the writing throughout the season has been spectacular and I did enjoy the show overall. I hope it’s renewed for a second season, but in all honesty, if I had to go by the writing of this episode, I don’t think it will be, which is a shame. I hope I’ll be eating my words on this one.

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