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TV Week’s mini previews of 2017 Aussie shows

TV Week‘s current issue provides what I call “mini” previews of the Aussie shows–new, young and old–that will be airing this year. The majority of the shows I review on here, which I also love, were featured in this issue. I feel that writing about my verdict on these previews is a fitting first post for 2017 on this site.

Doctor Doctor was the first mini preview I came across, although it wasn’t so much of a preview but more the TV Week writers’ desires as to what they want to see happen in the second season.

A dedicated mini preview was provided for House Husbands and rightly so as it hasn’t aired in over a year and the season 4 finale was ambiguous.

The House Husbands writers are continuing with their tradition of having the story move forward a year at the season premiere and Gyton Grantley (Kane) is no longer part of the cast. The reveal of Grantley not being part of the show anymore didn’t surprise me as he wasn’t featured in the promotions, however it makes me wonder what this means for the upcoming season, especially as the previous season focused heavily on Kane. I’m both looking forward and concerned about how his and his family’s (including the then-unborn child of his being carried by Gemma) disappearance will be explained. I’m hoping that they don’t do what they did with Lucy’s (Anna McGahan) absence and not bother explaining it, as I feel it’s disrespectful to the actor. I also wonder whether it means that his family is being written out completely or if it’s just him, however I think that they will be written out as it doesn’t make sense to get rid of him and not the whole family. That being said, Kane went out on a high with his wedding.

The House Husbands preview also stated that Justin’s younger brother will cause chaos, that Gemma is on the cusp of becoming a doctor and that one of the Husbands will try a new career. It also mentions the biggest changes this year with the addition of Hugh Sheridan and Delta Goodrem to the cast as a music teacher, Nick, and reading recovery teacher, Izzy, respectively. I’m looking forward to seeing how much these two characters will add to and influence the show and how they will fit in with the rest of the cast and their characters, especially with their age and generation gaps. I’m also looking forward to the obvious romance subplot between them. I have a feeling that they’ll bring a much needed breath of fresh air as the show has been nothing but melodramatic for the last two seasons. I’m looking forward to reviewing the show again.

Similar to the Doctor Doctor mini preview, the Here Come the Habibs mini preview was really a summary of what happened in the first season, with no real insight into what will happen in the impending second season, which was disappointing. The Secret Daughter mini preview was equally disappointing and lacking in insight.

Both Love Child and The Wrong Girl were mentioned but no detailed mini previews were provided, only that both shows would be returning this year. I breathed a sigh of relief and excitement with the revelation of Love Child returning as it was unknown if it would last year, and the season 3 finale was clearly written to simultaneously include enough plot possibilities for a fourth season and enough loose ends being tied up in case the show didn’t return to the air.

Hyde & Seek wasn’t featured, it was a great show however I felt that its story was told and couldn’t really go into a second season. I’d love for it to be renewed but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t.

There are two new TV shows featured in the mini previews that intrigue me, Newton’s Law and Sisters. Sisters will be about three women fathered by the same fertility specialist and Newton’s Law is about a solicitor returning to her job after her marriage breaks down and her office burns down. I’ll be reviewing these shows as well and I thoroughly welcome these new shows as they would be much better quality than all of the “reality” shows also returning to our screens.

Overall I’m looking forward to both reading TV Week‘s detailed review issue next week, and to watching and reviewing these shows for myself throughout the year.