TV Week Extra 2017 Preview

I was eagerly looking forward to buying TV Week’s Extra magazine as it was a special edition of previews of 2017 TV shows. I was especially eager to read previews on the shows I’ve been reviewing on this site: Doctor Doctor, Here Come the Habibs, House Husbands, Hyde & Seek, Love Child, The Secret Daughter, and The Wrong Girl.

In all honesty, I was quite disappointed overall.

A feature article on Jessica Marais provided “previews” on The Wrong Girl and Love Child. Preview is a term I use loosely as the Love Child preview was basically a four paragraph compilation of a summary of the season three finale, a summary of why Love Child has been successful, and two questions that could be seen as previews/spoilers. The questions were whether we have really seen the last of Joan and Jim and whether it’s the right time for McNaughton to have Joan? In all honesty I thought Jim may have been gone for good and that any hopes of a McNaughton-Joan relationship were dashed, but I take no issue with being proven wrong. The Wrong Girl preview was similar, with one small paragraph telling viewers to expect “plenty more love dilemmas, outrageous work antics and family disasters when the series returns”. One thing I’m interested in seeing is what outrageous work antics Lily will get into as she quit her job in the finale.

The House Husbands preview focused more on the fact that Hugh Sheridan and Delta Goodrem have joined the cast and what their characters will bring to the show. Apparently Sheridan’s character, Nick, is a flawed music teacher who becomes Lewis’ enemy. Whereas Delta’s character, Izzy, is a motorbike riding tomboy who simultaneously excites and frightens everyone in the House Husbands world.

The preview of The Secret Daughter was basically just a summary of what happened in the first season, quotes from an interview with Bonnie Sveen and a question of a possible and obvious plot–“has Billie (Jessica Mauboy) really turned her back on the Nortons and her bestie, Layla (Sveen)–not to mention a promising singing career?”

The preview of Here Come the Habibs was not a preview, it was an interview with three of the cast members on their characters. This was disappointing as it would have been good to at least been given a hint on what’s to come, especially for the second season of a show that managed to be controversial before it even aired.

The preview of Doctor Doctor was basically an interview with lead actor, Rodger Corser, who is looking forward to shooting season two, as well as the question of whether Penny (Hayley McElhinney) will return.

No mention of Hyde & Seek was made, which doesn’t surprise me, I think that story has been told.

TV Week did a good job with it’s previews special magazine, however I was disappointed by the small amount of previews and the fact that the previews weren’t really previews, just summaries of what had already happened and maybe a hint of more to come. I was expecting in-depth previews, nevertheless I’m still looking forward to watching and reviewing all of these shows again, with House Husbands kicking off on Monday night.

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