House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 6

So this episode explored the ramifications of Nick’s secret coming out, just as I thought it would, or at least with the guys.

I felt that the guys alternating between resenting and helping Nick was realistic and done well, displaying how much their friendship with him has grown. While Nick certainly had to tell Rachel the truth, I felt that the guys’ constant reminders was a bit overbearing. However the best thing I took from the guys’ behaviour is that, without realising it, they’re really standing up for Rachel.

Speaking of Nick and Rachel, I felt that their relationship progression was quite rushed and that it was only done to progress the Nick-gambling plot. Going from possibly moving in together at the beginning of the episode, to Rachel revealing her pregnancy in the middle, to the relationship imploding at the end, was a bit much for one episode. I felt that the secret coming out by Atticus wanting to learn how to play poker was brilliant and the best way for Rachel to find out. I also enjoyed seeing Rachel trying to find emotional support in Mark, however I do feel her hot-and-cold personality is getting a little old, on the plus side though she wasn’t nasty to him which is a definite improvement.

I felt that the B story focusing on Gemma and the orthopaedic surgeon was a little predictable. I could see the sexual harassment coming from a mile away and the San Diego internship was a bit of a stretch. I have to admit I thought that the surgeon would play favourites with Gemma in the surgery after she “cleared the air” and that there was real potential for a friendship, so it was good that the bullying surprised me and in hindsight was a more realistic outcome. I was surprised by the revelation of another student being bullied by him, which made for interesting character development–the orthopaedic surgeon clearly is a bully rather than someone who bullies women who reject his advances. I have a feeling that this plot hasn’t been completely resolved but I’m glad that Gemma stood up for herself and Lewis was a supportive and loving witness.

On smaller notes, I love that Toni is becoming the comic relief of the show and yet again Delta Goodrem’s character still hasn’t been introduced. Maybe now that Rachel and Nick’s relationship has ended she’ll appear. I’m just hoping that the writers won’t screw the viewers over and wait until the last episode to introduce her.



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