House Husbands–Season 5, Episodes 9 & 10

Since the network decided to air two episodes at once, I’ve decided to review both episodes in the one post.

After months of promotion and weeks of dragging it out, Delta Goodrem or as she’s known in the House Husbands world, Izzy Dreyfus, finally arrived! A little tip to the producers (if you by chance read this) don’t drag out a major cast addition, you’re just annoying/screwing over the viewer, but I digress.

The last time I saw Delta Goodrem in action as an actress was in Hating Alison Ashley over a decade ago not long after receiving treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I also saw her skills at work for the first time in her Neighbours role. Goodrem’s definitely come a long way from those days, not to mention her character as a teacher provides a nice full circle to her Neighbours role. Overall I like Izzy, however I would like to know whether the writers had Goodrem in mind for the role, as I can’t help but feel that they were trying too hard to make her a bad girl/hippie. I also felt that the writers were trying too hard when it came to the sexual tension between her and Nick, and I questioned whether they inserted it to draw attention to the fact that Nick is dating an older woman and that Izzy is an attractive, age-appropriate option.

I did appreciate the link between the Nick gambling subplot and Izzy’s introduction and I was thankful that Nick didn’t go back to his old ways. I also enjoyed the interactions between Izzy and Lewis as I was relieved that they didn’t make him the creepy older man ogling over a younger woman, rather a man in need of help who didn’t even know it until someone else pointed it out to him. The dyslexia reveal was predictable due to the promo spoiling it, but it made for interesting character development.

Speaking of Lewis, it was interesting to see both him and Rafiq in denial about their conditions. They typically tried to ignore it until they couldn’t but how their eventual acceptance played out was well done. Lewis trying to cheat on a spelling bee was a cliche and in typical fashion he was simultaneously denying and accepting of his condition by the end of the episode. It’ll be interesting to see whether his dyslexia will be brought up again in later episodes, since it was left unresolved. With Rafiq, the news of his condition ending his football career before it started and trying to ignore it was cliche, however I’m glad that he found another career path in the process. That in itself is also a cliche, nevertheless it was good to see him develop as a character and have a happy ending.

In typical House Husbands fashion, the episodes revolved around school events, in this case the parents’ spelling bee and the science fair. While I’m glad they didn’t drag out, I felt they were a bit of a waste considering that both events were only featured for about two minutes. On smaller notes, I did enjoy the running gag of Rachel hitting on every man due to her hormones, however the running gag of Mark being Lewis’ council campaign manager made me cringe, again there was a “trying too hard” element to it.

Overall both episodes were good but not great, with all of the cliches in both the plots and in some of Izzy’s character traits, they fell a little flat.

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