House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 11

So now the focus is on Lewis as a Councillor.

Lewis has won the district bi-election and can now “clean up council” or so he thinks, the reality of Lewis actually ending up on the bottom of the council pecking order was obvious and I like how the writers subtly but surely showed that reality. I found the fact that the Mayor revealed to Lewis that Nepean South would be shutting down, just as he becomes a Councillor to be a huge cliche, however it is a nice plot for the remainder of the season. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that the school shut down plot completely departs from the rest of the season but it is interesting enough.

Of course Gemma is provided a huge and conflicting job opportunity at the same time with the San Diego internship, which was mentioned in an earlier episode. I hoped that the bullying surgeon wouldn’t be returning and thankfully he didn’t, although it would have been another solid conflict, especially since it wasn’t resolved in that particular episode. The debate that emerged about whose career is more important out of the two of them did fit the plot well and is partially the premise of the show in its entirety, but since this debate has been addressed time and time again, I thought it was a cliche.

I loved the moment when Lewis leaked the news of the school shutting down to a reporter as it was true to his character, the only true moment of the entire episode. The montage of all of the characters reading the newspaper article was a nice touch, however I did see Lewis being the scapegoat coming.

Overall, despite the cliches, I feel that this was one of the best episodes of House Husbands that I have ever seen. This is due to the fact that the writers didn’t follow their usual formula. They abandoned their in media res writing technique and kids/school event go-to, as well as made the choice to tell the story with the focus on two of the main characters, rather than slicing the pie and focusing on the whole group.


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