House Husbands–Season 5 Finale

So we’ve now reached the end of the fifth season.

Season finales tend to go one way or the other due to their unpredictable nature. If a show isn’t renewed, all loose ends have to be tied up and the ending has to be satisfying (although you can’t please everyone). If the show is renewed, there has to be enough loose ends tied up to properly wrap up the season, as well as open new doors for future plots.

Since I can’t find any news of House Husbands being neither cancelled or renewed for a sixth season, overall I found the finale to be quite underwhelming.

Of course the focus needed to be on the fallout of the revelation that the school is shutting down and Lewis’ knowledge of it. I found his outburst at the school meeting to be quite bizarre and frankly didn’t have any real purpose, other than an attempt at a laugh.

As well as the exploration of the fallout on the adults, the exploration was also needed with the children. I knew Poppy would be injured in some way due to the promos aired and I knew it wouldn’t be by a car as that had already happened with Angie in an earlier episode, however I felt that the writers choice to have her fall out of a tree fit well in the plot. Two kids injured in one season just to add drama I feel is an unnecessary and overwhelming cliche, the writers need to think of better and original ways to amp up the drama of their plots. I could see Poppy’s recovery coming, but I’ll give it a pass.

Knowing it was the finale, I did wonder all week how the school shutting down story arc would be tied up. The Mayor purposely giving the Minister the wrong numbers and the reveal of this being incorporated in the school’s anniversary play, was the best way to have it end. However I feel that this serious and important plot should have been spread out throughout the season rather than squeezed into two episodes. That being said I did enjoy Lewis and Gemma working as a team to get what they needed, and Gemma throwing various items towards but not at the security guards was hilarious.

I didn’t expect Gyton Grantley to return at the tail end of the episode with the boys on the Kokoda Track and I thought it was nice. I’ve never seen a departed character return, let alone meet the character who replaced him and it was a nice moment. There was a part of me that felt it was a bit of waste to leave his appearance for the last few moments with no explanation as to why he decided to return, and whether his return will be permanent. However it was a nice ending for a finale.

In regards to the season a whole, it has been a major improvement on the previous two. Seasons three and four were nothing but melodramatic and I believe the writers were trying to make the show (unsuccessfully) into a soap opera. With this season and its new characters, the writers have brought the melodramatic downs employing more subtlety, and I’ve found their plots have been tighter and more concise. It’s not as a good as season two, but if I had to rank all five seasons from best to worst, this season would come second. For those of you wondering, my order from best to worst is: season two, season five, season one, season three and season four.

I hope House Husbands will be renewed, but if it isn’t, this finale was a good but not great way to go.

One thought on “House Husbands–Season 5 Finale

  1. Hi HH producer’s and cast! Please tell me that they aren’t axing this brilliant casted series. I have just watched the complete series 1 through to 5, and it’s been light hearted, creating warmth and realism to every episode. It’s a credit to the producer’s and creator’s, the constant connection between the cast of loyalty is brilliant viewing.. never boring I’ve laughed out loud on many a occasion’s. Also shared tears along the way. Don’t end the series it’s got so much more to give to us to watch, and fall in love with each week. With the family friends and children it’s just an amazing group of people to enjoy watching, and learn from. The situation’ s presented the creater scrip production is fabulous and keep each storyline real and it draws you back after every episode. High five to cast and crew. Hope to see you back on our screens real soon.. loyal fanšŸ˜€Jacinta


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