Speechless–Season 1, Episode 13 (S-I–Sick D-A–Day)

I rather enjoyed this episode as it was on the lighter side and focused more on how the DiMeos work as a family, rather than JJ’s disability.

This episode starts off by exploring how the DiMeos handle illnesses. Kenneth is temporarily exiled when he develops the flu, but not quickly enough to prevent him from passing it on to almost every DiMeo family member.

Maya’s reaction to Kenneth’s illness, and in turn Kenneth’s beauty salon-esque way of looking after every sick family member is hilarious. However what I love is how the DiMeo family dynamic is explored.

Jimmy has to take over Maya’s duties and Dylan has to take over Kenneth’s duties as JJ’s aide. I loved the exploration of JJ acting as a protective older brother in his unique way towards Dylan, especially as their sibling dynamic hadn’t been explored until this point. Kyla Kenedy’s portrayal as a girl with a crush on an older boy was both hilarious and on point.

Meanwhile Jimmy having to take over Maya’s duties and believing he did a better job, only to find out he only performed a fraction of her duties, was the most interesting part of the episode. It was interesting as it lead to an argument between Jimmy and Maya on basically which of them is the more important parent, an argument which has probably taken place in most homes of families with a stay-at-home parent.

The question of Jimmy’s contribution to the DiMeo household has probably been asked by the viewers several times by this point as the focus is always on Maya, so the payoff of this argument was beautiful. Jimmy’s contribution or role is to keep the rest of the family calm and the ways in which he does so is hilarious and expectedly unique. Another pay off was the display of the DiMeos working as a family to help Ray with his project, which was well done.

Overall this episode was solid but not spectacular, but only because it was subtle and underplayed rather than trying to be spectacular, which was a nice choice for an episode like this.

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