Love Child–Season 4, Episode 6

What a rollercoaster this one was!

The repercussions of Simon’s actions were explored in this episode. Thankfully I was wrong and Ed wasn’t killed off, since we’ve had two deaths this season another one would be excessive. Like Simon, I was also expecting the truth to come out and major consequences to be dished out, however, for now, there were none. I love the exploration of this conscience catch 22 of what would be worse–the truth coming out and be subjected to the nasty consequences you expected, or having the opportunity to get away with it because there are no evidence or consequences showing themselves.

I did see Ed taking a turn coming, but I’m grateful he woke up and I’m looking forward to seeing him throughout the remainder of the season. I felt that having Simon breakdown in his car was the perfect end to the plot in this episode, as realistically there is no other way to react. That being said I don’t buy for a second that this plot is over, I think it will show itself again later in the season.

The highlight of this episode for me was the focus on Rita. This season of Love Child has either focused on Joan, or on Debbie and Elena’s evolving friendship, Rita has always been present but in the background and her character has never been explored in depth.

I knew Rita’s circumstances would be explored eventually and it doesn’t surprised me that they weren’t explored until she was just about to give birth. My mother and I had a theory that Rita was raped and that her immaculate conception story was her mind’s way of protecting her from remembering the trauma. When her mother showed up, the theory that she was raped/molested by her stepfather immediately came to me and I was right. While I did find this revelation to be a bit of a cliche, I did appreciate the writers inserting Luke in as a red herring.

A smaller subplot that kicked off in the episode that I’m sure will be explored in the remaining episodes of the season is Viv’s crush on and her kiss with Kate. I didn’t see Viv having the crush, rather than the other way around, coming. I loved the writers’ choice to not give Kate the opportunity to respond so the ramifications will pay out later on.

On a smaller note I did love the moment Viv spotted the fare for a Sydney-London flight for $450 and was immediately outraged…what a difference 45 years and inflation makes.

Overall this was a solid episode with spectacular acting, especially from Darcie Irwin-Simpson (Rita) and Andy Ryan (Simon).




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