Speechless–Season 1, Episode 14 (V-A-L–Valentine’s D-A–Day)

I found that this was a sweet episode and not just because it focused on Valentine’s Day and JJ’s sugar addiction.

This episode has an A, B and C story–The A story being Maya and Jimmy trying to rediscover their “heat”, the B story being Dylan trying to catfish Ray, and the C story being the discovery of JJ’s sugar addiction.

I highly enjoyed the A story as it shedded light on Maya and Jimmy’s past, something which is rarely touched upon. I found that the discovery of Ethan, Jimmy’s former room-mate and Maya’s former fiance, provided interesting character development. I liked how running into Ethan turned into Maya and Jimmy questioning and subsequently trying to rediscover their passion, as this is the first time we see Maya and Jimmy acting as a couple rather than parents. I also enjoyed seeing Jimmy as a romantic man in his efforts to please Maya on Valentine’s Day. I found the ending of this story cliche but satisfying with Jimmy punching Ethan yet again because he mistook his wife for Maya and that was the “heat” that was missing.

The B story of Dylan catfishing Ray was typical Dylan, however I found it slightly more disturbing than humorous. Dylan was basically cyberbullying Ray and had malicious intent. Dylan admitting to and later regretted her actions did give this story a bit of a reprieve, but it doesn’t change the facts. What I did enjoy was the twist that Dylan grew to appreciate Ray as a person.

The C story of Kenneth and JJ delivering Candygrams at the school and the discovery of JJ’s sugar addiction was smaller in comparison to the other two. I found this story injected the necessary humour that the other stories didn’t do as both the A and B stories focused on romance at both ends of the spectrum–catfishing/fake romance and true love. I appreciated the eventual reveal of JJ’s sugar addiction through Ray and Dylan trying to warn Kenneth with subtlety, and Kenneth and JJ’s efforts to make up for JJ giving into temptation. The fact that Kenneth also eventually gave in made it all the more hilarious.

Overall this episode was sweet and good, but it wasn’t the strongest episode I’ve seen.




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