Speechless–Season 1, Episode 15 (T-H–The C-L–Club)

This episode had an equal amount of humour and heart.

It’s typical Maya to sneak into a country club so JJ can do his physiotherapy in their pool, however I loved how it lead to Ray discovering and enjoying the benefits of the club and wanting to stay. I did enjoy Ray and Maya finding something in common to bond over, however I thought Ray’s betrayal was a bit cliche. I did appreciate seeing Jimmy being a firm father and chide Ray for his actions, and Ray’s subsequent efforts to make amends.

I actually found the B story of JJ and Kenneth’s rift more interesting than the A story. The concept of Kenneth feeling that he is taken for granted and needing a life outside of work, was bound to be explored eventually and I feel that the writers’ choice to explore this through a computerised board was genius. The viewers would have probably asked themselves why JJ doesn’t use a computerised board to speak and this story answered those questions. I appreciated that the innocuous question from one of JJ’s friends who does use a computerised board, as to why JJ doesn’t use one, lead to the rift. As interesting as I found the B story, I also found it predictable. Of course Kenneth and JJ’s rift was going to be resolved, and I found Kenneth revealing his true feelings, thinking he is talking to JJ, cliche.

On smaller notes, I found JJ’s use of the computerised board hilarious and true to his smartarse character. I also enjoyed Nicholas’ attempts to convince JJ to use a computerised board, and Dylan’s attempts to act like Kenneth when it came to the customised handshakes. Speaking of Dylan, she was barely involved in this episode, it didn’t bother me as the A and B stories were solid and Jimmy didn’t have much involvement in the episode either, however it was definitely noticeable.

Overall this episode had equal amounts of humour and heart, but like the previous episode, it wasn’t particularly strong.


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