Here Come the Habibs–Season 2, Episode 3 (The Fundertakers)

The reason why my review is a little late is because I found it difficult to decide how I felt about the episode.

Rather than evenly splitting the A and B stories, this episode was really 95 percent A story and 5 percent B story. Unfortunately this week, I didn’t enjoy the A story for two reasons–the story itself was too morbid and the attempt at dark comedy fell a little flat.

While the set-up of Uncle Farid dying wasn’t morbid, it was the rest of the story line, specifically the loss and partial recovery of his body that made it morbid. Toufic’s impulsive decision to set up the Fundertaker business was a huge relief as it added necessary comedic moments.

What I really appreciated about the Fundertaker jokes was that they were certainly original and also provided some character development with Toufic, specifically subtle nods at his hidden intelligence. Toufic, with the assistance of Jahesh and Mustafa, established a business and quickly transformed a coffin in the space of a few hours, not to mention Toufic seemed to know the differences between coughs–hardly the actions of a dumb or idiotic person. While I found no-one else but Mariam picking up on Fou Fou taking Farid’s place in the coffin unrealistic, I did enjoy seeing the normally straight man Fou Fou going along with a out-there scheme, especially one thought of by Jack.

I actually enjoyed the B story of Layla learning how to drive more than the A story. I specifically loved Layla and Fou Fou in the car together as both learner drivers and their supervisor/parents would be able to appreciate both sides of the story. However my favourite moments in this story by far were the scenes with Layla and Madison, showing them bond as friends which has rarely been touched on, and not to mention the burnout scene, which enabled the delivery of a superb one liner. The fact that the burnout scene also enabled the A and B stories to merge was the perfect little cherry on top.

Overall this episode, in comparison to the previous two, fell flat, but only because of the A story. While I appreciated the writers’ expanding the show by going down the dark comedy route, I think the problem was the fact that there were simultaneous dark and slapstick comedic moments being thrown at the viewer and it was a little overwhelming. The balance between the two wasn’t really pulled off, that being said, I don’t think the writers’ should give up on their expansion attempts altogether.


Stray Observations:

  • Toufic’s invention for this episode–The Fundertaker business.
  • Best one liners (it’s a tie and the ladies have it):
    • “I’ve seen bigger skid marks on my brother’s undies!” (Layla)
    • “I’m not making you do this but I am insisting.” (Mariam)
  • One liner honourable mention–“That could be anyone’s coffin.” (Olivia)

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