Love Child–Season 4, Episode 9

So here we are again, at the penultimate episode of a Love Child season.

This season has been a rollercoaster, the acting has been superb and the writing has been mostly solid but also undermined with continuity errors. The job of the penultimate episode is to build up the drama and tension to lead into the finale, and this episode did a great job in doing so.

I’m relieved that the baby switching story arc is in the spotlight again as I mentioned in previous reviews that I thought it had been abandoned. I felt that Laura’s autopsy report was the most realistic path to lead Joan to realising that she was given the wrong baby. The path from the autopsy report, to the rubella tests, to the missing file, was perfectly executed.

The B story of Elena and Ed trying to get married was also well done. I wasn’t sure if Ed was going to return and I’m glad he did. I didn’t buy for a second that Ed giving Elena’s brother the money was going to solve everything and that they’d get their happily ever after. I appreciated that the writers threw in a red herring of Ed making the decision for him and Elena to live in Queensland, to throw the viewers off the real obstacle of Elena’s brother coming after him. I was actually screaming “No! Why?” when Ed was ambushed by Elena’s brother and his mates, but I’m looking forward to seeing the pay off in the finale.

On smaller notes, the writers’ decision to have Debbie go off the rails was brutal but well done. The subtle reveals of the extent of her self-harm to the climax of Matron finding her in the shower, was perfectly executed but also hard to watch. It provided some solid character development, but I’m unsure how I feel about the fact that her issues have been left unresolved, hopefully they will be in the finale. I did enjoy the brawl between Rita and Debbie as I didn’t see it coming, damn Rita can fight!

I also appreciated the reveal that Ed knew Simon ran him over, however I felt it was an anti-climatic resolution. Perhaps this was to provide room for the drama for Ed and Elena’s wedding and the baby switching story arc. I also felt that Zoe Ventoura’s appearance as Andrew’s war colleague really didn’t add anything to the episode. I also felt that Andrew, Joan and Martha make a great team at the hospital and I hope in future seasons (if there are any) that this dynamic is explored further.

2 thoughts on “Love Child–Season 4, Episode 9

  1. Oh yes, glad also to see the baby switch story revived. Guess they kept the biggest for “lastest.” 🙂

    It’s all lining up against matron isn’t it? The real danger lurking out there for the finale is Rita. Nobody realizes yet that Rita was hiding around the corner in an alcove in Matron’s office when she burned the baby’s file. Will Rita be the linchpin against Matron? Or will she be so grateful for being given a job she will protect Matron? Or will she confront Matron and Matron will do one of those threat jobs on Rita like she always does to people? Oh dear.

    Tick tock!


    • Very true, it will be interested to see whether Rita seeing Matron burn the file will be brought up again or abandoned. Considering the writing has been off-kilter this season, it could go either way.


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