Here Come the Habibs–Season 2, Episode 5 (The Kidney)

This episode was different to the others…it was understated.

Usually the episodes have clear A and B stories and revolve around a scheme (usually Toufic’s) gone awry. However this episode focused purely on one story, with the jokes pulled back. Perhaps this is due to the serious subject matter.

Unfortunately I found the premise of the episode predictable—I knew that Fou Fou’s diagnosis would have turned out to have been a mistake from the first minute, however I was interested in seeing it played out. I felt Fou Fou trying to spoil Mariam and the kids was incredibly sweet and true to his character and I wasn’t surprised that Mustafa spilt the beans, but I felt that everyone’s reaction to the news was hilarious.

I also found the reveal of Jack being a blood type match for Fou Fou  and Olivia using the situation to buy the house back, predictable. That being said I enjoyed how scheming Olivia was in this episode, especially as she was quite zany as opposed to her usual over-the-top serious. I also enjoyed the fact that the ending of the episode left Jack’s fate unknown.

Meanwhile the Elias and Madison (kind of) relationship is touched upon, with Madison trying to drop subtle hints to Elias that she wants to be with him, and Elias finally admitting that he feels the same, only to chicken out. The series has always taken the unconventional route with their relationship by not having them get together straight away, and drawing out their attraction without the cliché obstacles. I have always appreciated this but I am questioning how long this is going to go on for.

Overall I enjoyed how understated this episode was, however I feel it was undermined by its predictability.



Stray Observations:

-The name mistake at the beginning of the episode was good, subtle foreshadowing.

-The interior of the Habib’s home was on display in this episode, I think they have good taste.

-Fou Fou summing up Toufic in one sentence—“crazy schemes make him happy.”

Toufic’s invention for this episode—downloading Fou Fou’s brain so his personality lives on in the computer.

-Best one liners:

  • “It’s the other big C” (Jahesh)
  • “Shut the door you’re letting the WiFi out” (Toufic)
  • “I’m not racist, I’m O’Neillist” (Fou Fou)



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