Here Come the Habibs–Season 2, Episode 6 (The Beach)

I recently reviewed an episode of American sitcom, Speechless, where the episode was set in one location and character-by-character stories unfolded and were related to this one location. My verdict on that episode was favourable due to this setting, and I feel the same way about this episode of Here Come the Habibs.

This episode was set mostly at one location–the beach. Both the Habibs and the O’Neills are looking forward to a day out, which is pretty much ruined when they run into each other in the parking lot. I loved the writers’ choice to have Jack and Mariam secretly plan the beach day in an effort to get Fou Fou and Olivia to resolve their differences and how things quickly escalated.

I felt that the tactics between Fou Fou and Olivia to one up each other perfectly suited their characters–who else would think to change the labels on the sunscreen and aioli other than Fou Fou? Who else would be callous enough to ruin Mariam’s food other than Olivia? The climax of the situation leading to Olivia and Fou Fou fighting with a beach safety flag and a fish respectively and getting arrested was inevitable and hilarious, which lead to some great and fleeting courtroom scenes.

I felt that the Kanye-Madison-Elias love triangle wasn’t explored as much as it should be, however I felt that this was a deliberate choice by the writers. Rather than having this explored, they have chosen to set it up to be explored in the remaining episodes. It will be interesting to find out whether Madison will stay with him and more importantly, whether the relationship is part of a visa scam as Layla suggested. The most interesting part about his introduction was the awkward scenes between Kanye, Olivia and Jack. Olivia and Jack have been racist and overly politically correct/awkward respectively to the Habibs, and the fact that they acted in a similar way towards Kanye shows that their behaviour isn’t entirely personal and they are uncomfortable towards other races, which provided interesting and unexpected character development.

I felt that the courtroom scenes broke up the episode perfectly, it was a way for the story to be told and prevented any pacing problems. Having Mustafa act as Fou Fou’s solicitor was a nice twist as you would expect it to be Toufic, however it was nice for him to briefly have the spotlight. I felt that the magistrate’s sentence for Olivia and Fou Fou to complete community service and carpool was the perfect punishment. The punishment was not too dissimilar to punishments that would be dished out by a parent or teacher to misbehaving children, and now that Olivia owns her house, the punishment provides another conflict for them.

Overall this episode was mostly solid and understated due to the simplicity in the premise and setting.


Stray Observations:

-Toufic’s invention for the episode–The Sand Bar.

-Officers Kemp and Darley (Dave Eastgate and Genevieve Hegney) return.

-Best one liners:

  • “Raising your eyebrows, that’s racist!” (Mustafa)
  • “Don’t try to calm me down with your delicious cooking!” (Fou Fou)

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