Here Come the Habibs–Season 2, Episode 7 (The Girl from Lebanon)

This episode comprised of two great mysteries, which made it a solid penultimate episode and a great springboard for next week’s season finale.

The two mysteries were obvious–What was Olivia’s downfall going to be in her attempt to run in the by-election, and what was Yasmine up to?

The A story of Olivia’s attempt to run in the by-election was like a wildfire. It got off to a great start by her and Fou Fou disputing over their imposed community service, which lead to Fou Fou throwing Olivia out of his car, which lead to her taking the bus, which lead to her inadvertently becoming an anti-racism hero. I liked the writers’ choice to have Olivia’s hatred of germs be misunderstood for taking a stand against racism and how quickly it escalated. Considering that Fou Fou couldn’t take Olivia down in public, taking her down in a private bathroom when her mic happens to be on was the only way it was going to happen. While the ‘mic being on’ element was cliche, considering how everything was going Olivia’s way, this was the only plausible outcome.

While the A story started and ended relatively quickly, the B story involving Yasmine (Danielle Horvat) was more of a slow burn. While it’s obvious that Yasmine is a con artist, the slow build up of her gaining the family’s trust, trying to win over Toufic and later Elias, and later calling an unknown person to confirm that “she’s in” was well paced and pulled off beautifully. The highlight of this plot for me was Layla quickly catching on to her and constantly following her around, especially as we only saw her eyes everywhere, as well as Jahesh giving Toufic advice on playing hard to get. While I expected Elias and Yasmine to be already married when they got off the boat, being engaged was a better outcome as it provides an A story for the finale and creates the much needed obstacle and tension between Elias and Madison.

Overall this episode was solid and I’m looking forward to next week’s season finale.


Stray Observations:

-Toufic’s invention for the episode–The Catch n’ Cook/Hot Rod.

-The show has another sort-of crossover with Olivia appearing on the Today show.

-I did enjoy Kanye’s brief appearances, however I would have enjoyed them more if he was subjected to character development.

-Best one liners:

  • “Idiot savant” (Yasmine on Toufic)
  • “Pretend she doesn’t exist and flex” (Jahesh)
  • “Being rich and white has to have some advantages” (Olivia)



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