Here Come the Habibs–Season 2 Finale (Leb Wedding)

The job of a season finale is to tie up the season’s loose ends and set up story arcs for the next season, if there is one. I felt that this finale really only tied up the loose ends and set up one story arc for another season.

You could argue that this season finale managed to pull off a season and a series finale simultaneously–on one hand you can say that all of the loose ends are tied up, and that Elias and Madison finally declaring their love for each other and getting engaged, is a great ending for the show. Whereas on the other hand you can say that while one potential story arc isn’t enough, the fact that the arc would be Elias and Madison’s engagement is big enough in itself to carry a season, and that the tying up of this season’s loose ends provides season three with the opportunity to start fresh.

While I loved the double wedding, especially Fou Fou and Olivia constantly trying to out-do each other with their respective weddings, as well as the drunk shenanigans at both the hens and bucks parties (more so the latter), there were too many cliches being thrown at the viewer. From Elias and Madison being stuck together for a few hours, to Layla recording proof of Yasmine’s con only for her phone to be destroyed, to Yasmine asking Elias to have nothing to do with Madison, to Layla being locked in a room to prevent her from revealing the truth. However I’ll give them a small pass as they helped move the episode forward.

Despite the excessive cliches, there was some solid character development, especially in regards to Jack. In Season 1’s finale, Jack finally stood up to Olivia which shocked her, this time he comforts Madison when she’s having doubts and reveals his own doubts about his marriage in the process. I enjoyed these moments as it shows Jack as a deep character and a loving father, a great contrast to the over-the-top, awkward, doormat Jack the viewers usually see. I also enjoyed the reveal that despite their conservative nature, Jack and Olivia had to marry due to Olivia’s pregnancy.

Overall this season finale was solid, in regards to season two as a whole I felt it was a huge improvement from the first. The first season of any show is all about establishing its characters, premise and finding itself, from the second season onward, a show should know its identity and grow accordingly. I felt that season two managed to do this successfully with improved writing, easing off the stereotypes (a little), and solid character development.

I hope there’s another season for me to review next year.



Stray Observations:

-Toufic’s invention for the episode–The Bride Glide.

-Apparently Jack and Olivia have Malcolm & Lucy Turnbull on their rolodex.

-Layla’s perception was on point in regards to Madison and Kanye’s relationship.

-Best one liners:

  • “You’re the nicest casual racist father-in-law a guy could ask for!” (Kanye to Jack)
  • “Yas I am” (Layla)
  • “Oh no all naughty!” (Anthea)

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