Doctor Doctor–Season 2, Episode 2 (Your Game)

Now that the premiere has come and gone, the season can really get underway.

The A story focusing on Ajax and Hayley was incredibly sweet and touching, as well as hilarious. Hayley struggling with her conflict between her religious beliefs and human desires was realistic, funny and true to her character. Both hers’ and Ajax’s reactions to their “first time” was hilarious, especially Hayley asking Charlie if they did in fact have sex.

The most interesting part of this story was Ajax seeking approval from Jim, Matt and Hugh on his decision to propose to Hayley and their subsequent reactions. Matt takes his marital issues out on him, Jim wholeheartedly (and sweetly) approves, and Hugh (or “other dad” as Ajax calls him) tries to discourage him more as a doctor than a father. True to his character, Ajax sticks to his guns and proposes in a very sweet and romantic manner, which in turn inspires Matt to let his marital issues go. I’m thankful that the writers made this decision, if their marital issues continued for the whole season, it would bore the viewers, in fact I was already bored with it, let the new season be new.

Meanwhile, the B story revolves around getting rid of Nora. The gang’s (Hugh, Betty, Ken and Mia) plan to hide the patients in a (sadly) unused section of the hospital and film her sexually harassing Ken, was funny, but also a little cliche. Nora threatening to expose Hugh’s and Penny’s involvement in Joey’s death to save her own skin would have been more shocking, if Joey’s death wasn’t referenced before the episode kicked off. That being said, it was a genius way for the writers to throw a spanner in the works.

The outcome of Nora being struck by lightning on the golf course and Ken rearranging the roster so Nora would ultimately be given a huge enough Workers Comp payment to be able to retire, was bizarre but also the most refreshingly unique character departure I’ve ever seen. Like with the Matt and Charlie subplot, if the Nora drama lasted the whole season it would bore the viewers.

Penny and Floyd’s appearances were brief, however it’s clear these brief appearances are to provide reasons and a transition for their eventual return to Whyhope.

Overall this episode was a solid springboard for the rest of the season with the conclusion of the Matt & Charlie, and Nora subplots, as well as Ajax and Hayley’s engagement. This episode was also a step up from the premiere.


Stray Observations:

Hospital Drama: The Racetrack accident and getting rid of Nora.

Dora sighting: Standing behind Ajax, outside the house, as he was proposing to Hayley.

Throwbacks to season one: Joey’s death and toxicology report.

-Best one liner: “People are complicated messy individuals, especially the interesting ones.” (Meryl)

-Second best one liner: “We’re trying to save her, right?” (Mia on Nora after the latter is struck by lightning).

-Ken clearly has some mojo as both Nora and Mia are attracted to him.

-The unused section of the hospital due to government funding being cut off, provides a sad but realistic insight into the harsh realities of medical care in regional areas.


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