Doctor Doctor–Season 2, Episode 6 (Penny For Your Thoughts)

I felt that this episode was a bit of a filler or rather a springboard for the remainder of the season.

The main focus of this episode was Toke clearly wanting to propose to Penny. Ironically this was a clear sign that the relationship was clearly going to end as they have barely had much of a relationship due to its long distance nature, and he hasn’t really bonded with Floyd. What I appreciated the most about this A story was that rather than going down the cliche route of Toke leaving Penny due to her role as a mother, he leaves her because of their lack of compatibility and to follow his own dreams. I also enjoyed Penny asking him the three questions before answering his one, as it was smart and realistic writing for the situation.

One part of the A story that wasn’t realistic was the ultimatum that Hugh gave Penny, it was rather odd for his character and didn’t add to the plot. Hugh rashly asking Kimberley to move in with him was more true to his character, and thankfully that didn’t happen. However now that Toke is gone, it will be interesting to see how the Penny-Hugh non-relationship is addressed, especially with Penny’s choice to walk away from Hugh at the end of the episode.

Now that Meryl is no longer mayor and she’s out of hot water, she now needs something or someone else to play with, in this case, Mr Collins. Charlie is fired for what she calls her “progressive teaching methods”, however due to hers and Matt’s financial situation, she needs to ask for her job back and in the process, finds out that Mr Collins has a rather unusual secret. I felt that the writers’ choice to have Meryl blackmail Mr Collins over his secret rather than Charlie, was spot on as blackmail is something Meryl not Charlie would resort to. I also enjoyed the twist of Charlie being promoted to Acting Principal during the P&C meeting when Mr Collins dramatically resigns when everyone favours Charlie getting her job back, without his secret being revealed.

On smaller notes, I enjoyed the introduction of sweet Downs Syndrome patient and gymnast, Max, in the Whyhope world, through Penny. I especially enjoyed his interactions with Penny and Floyd, hopefully we’ll see more of him in the future.

Overall this was another strong episode, however it wasn’t as strong as the previous episode.


Stray Observations:

Hospital Drama: Henry (Max’s dad) in a car accident, resulting in him being sent to Melbourne for treatment and Penny temporarily (for now) fostering Max.

Dora sighting: None. I couldn’t spot her, it’s likely that I missed her, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

-Mr Collins secret joy of dressing up and playing like a baby.


Best one liner:

  • “I’m going to need a coffee before roll call” (Floyd)

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