The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 3

Well this episode revolved around what looked like a marriage proposal, when it was obvious from the beginning there wouldn’t be one.

The episode starts with Lily finding her grandmother’s ring in Jack’s pocket and the panic kicks off from there, going back in time 24 hours. The fact that Lily was panicking and even dreading having to deal with the thought of a proposal, is clearly another hint that her relationship is not going to work out. This A story was already predictable, without the addition of another cliche conflict in Jack’s fellow-chef slash ex-girlfriend, Gillian (Natalie Bassingthwaighte). I haven’t seen Natalie Bassingthwaighte in acting action since her Neighbours days. While her character has been added for the necessary cliche romantic conflict, I’m looking forward to seeing her come into play in future episodes. I felt that as she was only just introduced that she really didn’t shine in this episode.

I actually enjoyed The Breakfast Bar subplot more than the Lily-Jack A story. I felt it was very gutsy of the writers’ to tackle a current real-world issue and manage to pull it off with a respectable amount of humour. I felt that Eric’s “six signs” that he informs Lily about came straight out of an article in Cosmo, however they were a nice way to bring the viewer back to the A story.  My theory on Nikkii eclipsing Eric’s popularity was proven when Lily tries to cheer him up in his office. I also enjoyed the scenes between Shaun and Lily with him questioning her on her professional choices and the quality of The Breakfast Bar, something which the viewers haven’t seen any other character do.

I enjoyed the B story with Vincent trying to figure out how to be intimate with Alice and later Simone. While Vincent’s paralysis and the limitations it presents in his day-to-day life were briefly explored last season, this season the writers’ have the made the choice to bring them to the surface and develop his character more, which I appreciate. This episode also marks the first time we are given a glimpse into his and Simone’s lives as roommates and possibly a couple in the near future, especially since they almost had sex. I was disappointed as a viewer that Simone stopped herself for an unexplained reason, most likely her fear of relationships, even more so when she was later disappointed at Vincent giving things another go with Alice, but as a writer it makes sense–if the sexual tension is gone, it’s a boring story.

Overall this episode wasn’t the best, but I appreciated the exploration of Vincent and Simone’s relationship and the introduction of Gillian and Shaun.


Stray Observations:

-The six signs that a man is about to propose (according to Eric):

  1. Saying “we’re a team”
  2. Increasing touch
  3. Meeting the family
  4. The presence of new jewellery boxes
  5. Buying a house
  6. Secret meetings with dad

-Best one liner:

  • “Relax, I’ve seen you both naked” (Simone to Jack and Lily)

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