The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 4

So in this episode we discover that some of the characters aren’t who they appear to be.

With the A story, we have the fiasco of leaked footage of Eric sexually harassing Erica on air years ago. While Eric has been created as unlikeable with his clearly sexist and old-fashioned opinions, in this episode he becomes a more likeable character with the revelations that he has four daughters to support and apparently has strained relationships with them, that he loves babies, and that when Erica pushed Eric, he was genuinely shocked by how hurt she was by his behaviour. One of the most interesting aspects of this story was the reveal that Eric and Erica were best friends for 15 years, which I feel is inconsistent with what has been shown throughout the series, but as I’m yet to read the series’ source material, I’ll give it a pass. Another interesting aspect was that Lily was the antagonist in this story by her choice to leak the footage, while it all conveniently and predictably worked out in the end, for the first time she is truly unlikeable and I hope it is the last we see of these qualities.

The B story of Meredith’s and Pete’s opposing views on vaccination was interesting but a little underwhelming. I felt that both of their opposing views were portrayed accurately and in good taste. Pete’s drastic actions to vaccinate Manisha were predictable, however I appreciated that the writers didn’t drag on the vaccination debate by having Meredith have a change of heart. I found that Meredith’s reaction to Pete’s revelation by moving out and Mitch offering Pete to live but not live with them, a little odd, however I would like to see how it plays out in future episodes.

Meanwhile, Simone and Mimi go out together as single ladies on the prowl, these scenes and Simone subsequently losing Mimi were hilarious. I hope we see more of them as “BFFs”.

Simone and Vincent’s sexual tension, and the Gillian-Jack-Lily love triangle were barely addressed in this episode, which I didn’t mind.

Overall this was a strong episode with great character development.


Stray Observations:

-“Shake that cash”.

-Ivan cleaning Mimi’s gutters in the background of Simone and Vincent’s argument was hilarious, it’s hard to go wrong with background jokes.

-Eric is a surprisingly great ukelele singer-songwriter, especially loved his consideration of Nikkii in his song by clarifying to her that she’s “not through” on The Breakfast Bar.

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