The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 5

So Jack and Lily are engaged…or they seem to be. But I’ll get to that.

Four weeks have passed since Jack left to go on the road with Gillian. Jack comes back due to a break from filming and is acting suspiciously. Of course, Lily and the viewers jump to the cliche conclusion that Jack and Gillian have hooked up and thankfully they haven’t. Instead we find out that Jack is a little sick of Gillian at the moment, which I personally didn’t buy as there were no hints to suggest this, even though the viewers are meant to be mislead, you can’t pluck things out of nowhere either.

Throughout the episode, the issues that Lily and Jack are avoiding finally come to a head, with Jack telling Lily that he doesn’t know how to be with her if she can’t see a future with him. While a break-up would be the most realistic outcome after a conversation like this, of course it doesn’t happen as the season is nowhere near over and the story arc needs to keep going, so naturally they talk, miss seeing each other, and resolve their issues. I appreciated the writers’ choice to end the episode with Lily about to propose rather than having her give a cliche and cheesy proposal.

The other things going on in the background–Bernard and Mimi’s “relationship”, Nikkii’s struggle to be sexy, and the Alice-Simone-Vincent love triangle–were nice breaks in the episode from the Lily-Jack story.

I enjoyed the contrast between how Anthony treats Mimi and how Bernard treats her, as awkward and cringeworthy as Bernard has been throughout the series, he is going through some great character development through his relationship with Mimi, especially with the reveal of how sweet he can be.

I found Nikkii’s struggle to be sexy and her and Pete’s subsequent hookup to be unrealistic and it didn’t really add anything to this episode, however I think it will come up again in future episodes as these moments between them were never fully resolved or concluded.

The Alice-Simone-Vincent love triangle was subtly addressed in this episode, with Simone finally admitting to Lily and herself that she loves Vincent. This, and Jack and Lily’s engagement, are the turning points for this season and I’m looking forward to seeing them being played out over the remainder of the season.

Overall this episode was solid but not spectacular, there were definite crucial moments however it didn’t feel as strong as the previous episode.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently Jack and Lily have sex three times a week.

-Apparently The Breakfast Bar runs a “Logies campaigns” every year.

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