The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 6

So it turns out Jack and Lily are engaged.

This episode starts with its near ending and then goes back 30 hours. The gold Logie nominations have come through at the office—Erica and Jack were nominated, while Eric and Nikkii were not—which doesn’t surprise me, not to mention Erica’s nomination is a nice dose of karma for Eric and the studio for knifing her earlier in the series.

The episode then moves on to Jack and Lily announcing to their engagement to mostly Lily’s family and friends, plus Gillian. I felt that the reactions from everyone from surprise, to happiness, to awkwardness, and then confusion at Lily and Jack’s choice to buy an “engagement table” instead of a ring, were well played and realistic. I found it odd that Gillian was there and that Jack’s family wasn’t, not to mention the choice of an engagement table, which to me seems very hipster, a quality that hasn’t really been shown in either Jack or Lily. I felt that the “hurdle” that they were facing—being papped—was cheesy and cliche, and didn’t really add anything to the episode, drama or otherwise.

I felt the highlight of this episode was the reveal of Anthony on a dating site, despite his engagement to Yvonne, running parallel, and mirroring Jack and Lily’s engagement and Lily’s clear doubts. Marais’ performance of Lily’s confrontation was well done and realistic. What I appreciated was the fact that Anthony reassured Lily about her own doubts and in the process got rid of his own, by asking Lily to delete the app at the end of their conversation.

Another highlight of the episode was Pete and Lily’s feelings starting to come to the surface, but not exactly being fully addressed yet. The clear instances of this are the disappointment on Pete’s face when Jack and Lily announce their engagement, and Lily’s disappointment when she sees Pete and Gillian together. However it’s the subtle presence of Augie March’s “One Crowded Hour” as the episode’s soundtrack that brings this idea home. This is especially true as this song is playing while Lily sees a sign advertising Jack’s show, illustrating that she feels she’s at a crossroads of sorts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this is addressed in the remaining episodes, but hopefully it won’t be dragged out for too long.

On smaller notes, I was glad that the focus was taken away from The Breakfast Bar in this episode with the addressing of the gold Logie nominations and the brief scenes of Eric resigning. While Eric seemed genuine in his delivery of his reasons for resigning, considering how disingenuous his previous actions in the workplace have been, especially his previous threats to quit, I’m not holding my breath on the resignation sticking.

I also enjoyed the scenes between Ivan and Mimi as cringeworthy as they were, especially when they found common ground on their hatred of litter. I felt that the bonding between Simone and Alice through alcohol was cliche and their eventual drunken kiss was forced, however what I really appreciated was Vincent’s lecturing of her, pointing out that she’s driving a wedge. This made me question whether he’s aware of how Simone really feels about him. I’m hoping this will be addressed before the finale.

Overall an enjoyable episode showing a lot of potential for the impending finale, which is a few episodes away.


Stray Observations:

-I’m hoping engagement tables don’t become a thing.

-Ivan’s hobby is to collect rubbish or get rid of litter, something Mimi approves of and Pete goes along with, to the point of even joining him in doing so.

-Another flashback into Lily and Pete’s past, when Lily asks Pete for a cuddle years earlier when she is told by her parents that they are splitting up.

-Meredith, Mitchell and Manisha were absent from this episode.


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