Doctor Doctor–Season 2, Episode 8 (Step In Time)

This episode managed to contain a lot of drama and subtlety.

The A story was Jim’s dialysis and need for a new kidney. Jim has another collapse at the wheel and is taken to hospital where it is eventually revealed that he has been avoiding dialysis and now needs a new kidney fast. I liked the realistic moments of worry and love between Meryl and Jim, as well as Hugh’s attempts to avoid being tested. While Hugh gives valid medical reasons for his reluctance, his true reasons for his reluctance aren’t fully addressed, which I’m hoping will happen in next week’s episode.

The B story of thieves stealing Christmas trees from Matt and Charlie’s land was hilarious and provided necessary comic relief throughout the episode, especially from the serious and sometimes grim A story. The question of whether the thieves would be revealed or caught added some fun intrigue to the episode, with eventually Craig, a farmer from season one, being revealed as the culprit. I felt that the ending of this subplot was anti-climatic as Craig wasn’t properly punished or dealt with, despite the build up throughout the episode.

I felt the C story of Charlie being stalked by a fan, Frank, was minor but solid. I enjoyed Charlie’s book making another appearance, this time in a reading, showing the book’s success with subtlety. What I thought was brilliant about this subplot was being led to believe that Frank was a crazy fan only for her to encourage and help Charlie with the development of Love at Lightspeed‘s sequel, almost like an advisor. I also liked the contrast between Frank’s encouragement and honest advice with the trolling tweets as Charlie was trying to write, eventually switching to using the typewriter. I hope we see more of Frank in future episodes, or if not, at least hear about her.

On smaller notes, I enjoyed the scenes between Ken and Mia as they finally kissed and dealt with their feelings for each other. I especially enjoyed Hugh’s reaction to their kiss and Mia bossing Ken around. Although I felt that Ken’s declaration of love for Mia in front of the hospital was cringeworthy and cliche, as it was sweet and true to his character, I’ll give it a pass. There was also an excessive amount of scenery shots in this episode, I was wondering whether this was to stretch out the episode or if the crew were trying something new with their filming techniques.

Overall this was a solid episode, however there was a little too much going on to be able to follow everything with an equal amount of attention.


Stray Observations:

Hospital Drama: Jim’s car accident, dialysis and Hugh trying to avoid donating one of his kidneys.

Dora sighting: At Charlie’s house after her book reading. This is the first time that I have seen her in weeks and the writers’ certainly made up for this lost time, giving her a lengthy appearance by having Charlie happily talk to her.

-Every member of the Knight family, except for Hugh, offers to donate one of their kidneys to Jim.

-Hayley’s desire to donate herself lead to the revelation that she was born with only one kidney.

-Even Penny considered donating one of her kidneys.

-Ken throwing out Mia’s homemade lunch so he could ask her out on a date was both inconsiderate and genius.

-Meryl stated just after Jim collapsed but before she found out about it, that it felt like “someone walked over her grave”, clearly showing that her gut instincts are on point.

Best one liners:

  • “What, are you trying to stubborn yourself to death? (Hugh to Jim)
  • “I shouldn’t have glittered Millie” (Ajax)

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