The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 7

Well what we or I thought was inevitable finally happened…Lily and Jack’s relationship has ended.

While the writers have hinted at the incompatibility between Lily and Jack and the cracks in their relationship throughout the season, they have done this slowly and with subtlety, but in this episode they completely abandoned this writing technique, choosing to bring the relationship down on us like a tonne of bricks. While I don’t like when writers drag these story arcs out, I don’t think rushing the ending and hitting the viewers with a tonne of bricks and completely unravelling Jack’s character, with the climax of him breaking his four year sobriety, is the right way to go either. I felt overwhelmed by all of the drama to the point where I couldn’t keep up.

Despite the rapid speed of their relationship breakdown, I did enjoy the build up to the wedding and the little tidbits that came with it. I enjoyed the seemingly mundane reveal that Jack knows Lily’s lying tell which was crucial in his decision to ultimately leave her, as well as the reveal that Simone has gone back to uni, and the reveal that Jack’s family are apparently selfish and wouldn’t be coming to the wedding. I also enjoyed the interactions between Pete and Gillian interweaved throughout, especially with Gillian representing the audience by asking Pete whether he’s in love with Lily, and sharing his confirmation of this with Jack, shaking him up further.

I found the B story revolving around The Breakfast Bar far more interesting than the A story. I enjoyed Joel Jackson’s performance of disgraced journalist, Liam Johnson, as the reluctant replacement of Eric as host, especially with the idea of the pregnancy segment focusing on Erica’s baby. I could tell that Erica was pregnant but I didn’t see the twist of Dale being her sperm donor coming, which effectively explained his out of character behaviour. In fact as I was watching the emotional and touching segment unfold, I thought to myself that I would actually watch morning shows if the segments were of that calibre.

On smaller notes, Mimi and Anthony bonding like teenagers over Mimi’s text exchange with Ivan provided much needed comic relief. I was also surprised to see Jack at the AA meeting and the reveal that he is a former alcohol and drug addict, using his experiences to ease Sasha into seeking help for her hinted alcoholism. I was also satisfied that Sim and Vincent finally gave into their feelings and kissed, which provided a great contrast to the deterioration of Lily and Jack’s relationship.

Overall this was a strong episode with mostly solid writing, especially with the twist ending of Jack uncharacteristically leaving Lily at the altar, and the B story. However I have to deduct a few points for the rapid deterioration of Lily and Jack’s relationship completely undermining the slow pace of the breakdown in previous episodes.


Stray Observations:

-As I was watching Lily and Sim run to the wedding I couldn’t help but think that it would be much smarter and quicker to catch a cab.

-The crew are at it again with the extreme close-ups, this week on Mimi and Ivan during their awkward encounter, and on Bernard, Jeremy and Pete during their meeting at work.

-As pointed out by eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter, Lily and Jack’s wedding was set in the future, 22 October 2017 (the episode aired on 4 October).

-Sim, Vincent and Pete dressed up as hens and clucking and going to a Unibar is the kind of hens party I’d love to go to.

Best one liner:

  • “It’s winter wear socks!” (Lily to the young women at the Unibar)

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