Doctor Doctor–Season 2 Finale (A Little Piece of Heaven)

To review this season’s finale, I read my review of last season’s finale to give me something to go off. For those that don’t remember, last season’s finale focused on Tugger’s investigation into Joey’s death, Penny leaving for a new job, Matt leaving Charlie, Meryl campaigning to become Whyhope’s mayor, Nora replacing Penny, and Hugh and Penny almost declaring they had feelings for each other in the final minutes. While all of this was addressed this season and isn’t entirely relevant to this finale, which aired last night, I felt it was good to reflect on and make a comparison.

This season’s finale was a much lighter one with Ajax and Hayley’s nuptials. Hugh and Charlie trying to convince Ajax and Hayley they were too young to get married and have children respectively frustrated me, as it was an obvious obstacle that the writers threw in to drag the story out. I understand the need to make the story and the episode as a whole interesting, but I personally didn’t enjoy that it was at Ajax and Hayley’s expense. That being said the payoff was beautiful, especially when Ajax and Hayley put the fate of their nuptials in their respective shooting abilities. Of course they were going to get their happily ever after, I would have liked to have seen an actual ceremony take place, but I appreciate the writers avoiding schmaltzy dialogue and scenes by not doing so, choosing to have them kiss at the start of their ceremony to applause and cheers was a better choice.

Meanwhile I didn’t really enjoy the Harriet and Hugh subplot as the outcome was obvious. While Harriet’s volatile personality was described by Hugh in the previous episode, in this one we saw it in action. Harriet’s order to Hugh to basically screw Penny over and kick her out of his life was a forced obstacle to their non-relationship, which made me appreciate his decision to end their marriage, as predictable as that outcome was. I felt for Harriet for a moment when she tearfully admitted she didn’t want their marriage to end, and I would have liked to have seen Hegney’s acting chops on display for a little while longer, however I appreciated that this story arc was short.

On smaller notes, I felt that Hugh and Penny’s stent being purchased wasn’t celebrated enough but perhaps there will be a focus on it next season. Also I felt the throwback to Charlie’s ectopic pregnancy and her fears about having and possibly not wanting children subconsciously being revealed in her writing, was a let down. I was hoping she was actually pregnant, but then again that would be a cliche.

Speaking of Hugh and Penny, once again they did not declare their feelings, or at least not overtly. Rather it was done with subtlety when Hugh held out his hand and simply asked “partners?” and she responded with “always”, they certainly are in more ways than one. While having a couple together and happy makes for a boring story, and I appreciate the writers keeping them apart to avoid the cliche for the most part, I do find myself wondering how long they’re going to keep them apart for. On a more positive note though, unlike the previous season, I felt that their relationship development was more realistic, which was proven when Hugh refused to end his partnership with her when Harriet ordered him to, and when he stated outright that Penny is his friend.

Overall this season’s finale was solid, doing its job by opening a few doors for next season with the stent purchase, Ajax and Hayley finally getting married, and Rod proposing something mysterious to Meryl. As for the season as a whole, there was an extensive amount of character development, and the show has a whole has settled and found itself. I’m looking forward to seeing what season three will throw at us and reviewing it next year.


Stray Observations:

Hospital Drama: The young boy whose brother hit him in the face with a cricket bat, resulting in Harriet pulling out his teeth.

Dora sighting: Ajax and Hayley’s wedding.

-Apparently Hugh has 88 days left of his probation, which means 11 days have passed since the events of the previous episode.

-In last year’s finale, Hugh had six months left of his probation, now he only has 88 days (about two-and-a-half months). Therefore this season spanned about three-and-a-half months.

-Hugh told Harriet about Ajax being his son.

-Harriet’s a dentist.

-Everyone but Floyd hated Harriet.

Best one liners:

  • “Other Dad time!” (Hugh at the family dinner celebrating Ajax and Hayley’s impending nuptials).
  • “He’s a clever man, but not a wise man” (Matt describing Hugh to Ajax).


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