The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 8

In all honesty this episode wasn’t particularly memorable, it was clearly a filler to lead into the upcoming penultimate and finale episodes.

In the opening seconds I thought that myself and the other viewers were experiencing something rare—-the episode picking up where it left off last week or starting in real time. However it was not meant to be, with it going forward instead of backward, two weeks in time, which in itself is rare, which I appreciated, rather than starting in the usual in media res manner.

While this episode does deal with the fallout of Lily being left at the altar, it felt like it was glossed over to focus on Lily finally realising her feelings towards Pete. Jack only makes two appearances in the entire episode and is completely unlikeable by avoiding Lily and sending Gillian in place to collect his belongings from the house. What I found interesting with Gillian’s role was the fact that she wasn’t being the snarky ex, she was actually trying to be helpful to both of them, I appreciated that the writers chose to avoid that cliche.

In life we usually realise how we really feel about situations or people when a loved one spells it out for us, in Lily’s case, Sim is that person. Sim offers unconditional support and comfort, yet she is completely and unapologetically honest to Lily, which makes her the type of friend that we all should aspire to have. She ultimately sets in motion Lily’s choice to finally, albeit sort of, tell Pete how she feels. Of course it’s only natural that the writers insert the cliche obstacle that just as Lily realises her feelings, apparently Pete has decided he’s over her. This obviously isn’t the case but I’m interested to see how long this obstacle lasts.

Meanwhile, The Breakfast Bar antics were only briefly shown with the reveal of Liam’s harsh treatment of the staff and trying to control Lily. I personally didn’t find Liam likeable at all, not to mention he was inconsistent. While he was professional on camera, off camera not so much, he berates and tries to control Lily, yet he tries to kiss her at the end of the episode. Who is the real Liam Johnson? While Liam is unlikable at the moment, Joel Jackson certainly isn’t with his on-point performances adding a breath of fresh air to the series and I certainly hope he sticks around if there is a third season. The building collapse segment was brilliant and well executed to the point that I felt chills during those few minutes.

On smaller notes, I appreciated the contrast between Mimi’s reaction to Simone telling her that she is dating Vincent, and Anthony’s support of Lily as she grieves over her broken engagement, as well as his honesty of his feelings of their relationship as a whole. Seeing Anthony living the tent in the front yard as Yvonne has thrown him out was a nice, humorous highlight of the episode.

Overall as I said earlier this episode wasn’t memorable, but it wasn’t terrible either. Hopefully the last two episodes will be more captivating.


Stray Observations:

-Close up head shots: Liam shooting down everyone’s ideas and Bernard getting “dumped” by Pete.

-Running gag: Pete’s jacket, and Ivan’s and Lily’s disdain for it.

-Sim’s effort to help Lily move on from Jack is to find someone to pash her in the guise of a “palate cleanser”.

-Bernard confusing the five stages of grief with the seven deadly sins was the best joke of the episode. His efforts to console Lily about the broken engagement by comparing it to Pete dumping him as a work colleague was another humorous highlight.

Best one liners (They were deep this week):

  • “Don’t come here and explode my life because yours is falling apart” (Pete to Lily).
  • “You’ve got to get lost to be found” (Anthony to Lily).
  • “Is it a sin to love Lily?” (Bernard after Lily points out to him he is mistaking the five stages of grief with the seven deadly sins).


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