The Wrong Girl–Season 2, Episode 9 + Season 2 Finale

While it’s clear as day that the final two episodes of the second season of The Wrong Girl were aired on the same night so Sisters could premiere tomorrow, since they were aired at once I’m going to review both episodes in this singular post.

I felt that episode 9 wasn’t that memorable however it was a good lead into the finale. Overall I liked the change of pacing by choosing to focus on the Logies—-it provided a great location outside of the studio and showed another side of the characters. Eric Skyping everyone throughout the episode provided some great comedic moments, as well as surprising heartwarming ones as he was encouraging Erica. I appreciated that their friendship was touched upon again, even more so now that Eric has left The Breakfast Bar.

I also appreciated that there was a focus on Jack and Lily having to deal with each other for the first time since their botched wedding, however I found their argument happening in front of the camera crew to be cliche. That being said I felt that their scenes together of being honest with their break up and making up as friends were heartfelt and tasteful. I also felt that the ending of their subplot with Jack winning the Gold Logie and acknowledging Lily’s contribution to his career, provided the right closure to their relationship and story arc.

As the promo indicated that a character would die and it would be someone close to Lily, it surprised me that it was Ivan in a way. On the other hand due to the focus on Ivan’s then-unidentified health issues in last year’s finale, I wasn’t surprised that he died. Mimi informing Lily of Ivan’s death was the perfect ending of the penultimate episode.

The finale episode accomplished something rare in the series, starting where the previous episode left off, which I felt was appropriate considering the circumstances. I felt that Pete’s actions during his grief haze were realistic and Meadow’s performance was on-point and the best out of all the actors in the entire episode. I also felt that the finest writing moments of the episode was the choice to link his grief as a man who lost his father to his current situation as a father himself, by letting his emotions lead him to hire a solicitor for the impending custody battle.

Speaking of the custody battle, my feelings towards this brief story arc were mixed—-one on hand it wasn’t dragged out, on the other I felt it was only inserted as a convenient way to write out Meredith, Mitchell and Manisha as they were barely featured in this season. Not to mention the outcome of Pete eventually dropping the proceedings was predictable.

Another part of the episode I felt was awfully convenient was Lily’s promotion. While Lily certainly deserves a promotion after her years of hard work, not to mention it provides great character development and potential plots for next season (if there is one), I felt it was a way-too-convenient solution for everyone else to keep their jobs and therefore was a predictable ending to this specific subplot.

The highlights of this episode for me were Jack’s developing friendship with both Lily and Pete, and Lily and Pete finally getting together. The former was more of a highlight than the latter as I felt the writing was more on-point and the character development more intriguing—-now that Jack and Lily have given each other closure on their relationship breakdown they can work as friends, this is even more true between Jack and Pete. Jack making Pete a ravioli and helping him decide which suit to bury Ivan in was very touching. I also felt that Jack and Lily’s choice to become housemates was logical and true to their characters, I’m looking forward to seeing what they would be like as housemates in the future, as long as they don’t reignite their romance.

While the viewers may be screaming for joy that Lily and Pete finally got together, as a writer their hook-up and the subsequent complication was predictable. The joy that the viewers felt didn’t last long as Pete decided to go to London, which provides great plot opportunities for next season but would annoy the viewers as a whole.

Overall I felt this finale did its job in concluding this season’s story arcs and opening a few doors for the next season (if there is one). While the acting was superb, I felt it was undermined by the predictability and cliches in the writing. In regards to season 2 as a whole, it was a great improvement over and continuation of the previous season.

I’m hoping there is a third season next year and if there is, I’m looking forward to reviewing it.


Stray Observations:

-Anthony deals with break-ups in the same way Lily does–becoming a hermit and eating Cheezels.

-Not sure if Pete wearing an Equality shirt was meant to give an insight into his character or the show’s crew making their views/beliefs on the issue clear. I personally feel it was a combination of both.

Best one liners:

  • “It’s itchy and it’s cutting off my circulation, but I love it!” (Nikkii describing her Logies dress)
  • “Yours sincerely kiss” (Lily to Jack on their kiss).
  • “It is very risky this falling for people” (Mimi to Vincent on their respective partners).
  • “Thank you for that nautical analogy” (Lily to Liam on his analogy regarding the futures of The Breakfast Bar staff when Lily is promoted).


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