Sisters–Season 1, Episode 2

So the Pilot established the show’s premise and dealt with the fallout of the IVF scandal on the three sisters, shortly after they all met. This episode dealt with the fallout on some of the girls’ family members, as well as their developing relationships, getting off to a great start by picking up where the viewers were left off–the girls’ impromptu sleepover.

While the Pilot introduced the three sisters to the viewers by separating them and their stories through obvious chapters, this episode continues this technique by alternating between the three of them with subtlety.

The most interesting themes present throughout this episode was the two sides presented within the characters, and also the loneliness they feel. With Edie, she describes the homosexual or bisexual side to herself without revealing it outright in therapy, and she’s struggling not only with the two sides of her sexuality, but also the two sides of simultaneously trying to be a good sister and trying to be a good solicitor. With Roxy, her two sides is being her happy self which could possibly be a front due to her profession, and trying to have the strength to stand up for herself both at work and with her mother, which she manages with success. With Julia, her two sides are basically trying to make everyone happy while trying to keep her head above water.

The two sides theme really comes to a head at the best awkward family dinner I’ve seen on a television show in years. While a family dinner of this nature was never going to go well, I felt for this situation it was quite realistic. Ron, Diane and Roxy air their issues, in the midst of Oscar (Joel Creasey) letting the cat out of the bag in regards to Edie’s lawsuit, whilst Genevieve provides a harsh but honest voice of reason and commentary on the recent events. While the tension was executed beautifully, I felt that the dinner being the moment that the lawsuit truth comes out was predictable.

In regards to the loneliness theme, this is shown beautifully with the soundtrack and dialogue-less scenes with all of the main characters at the end of the episode. All of the characters are lonely in different ways–Edie with turning on her siblings and her unexplored sexuality, Julia with trying to take care of everything on her own (which Roxy points out that she doesn’t have to), Roxy with her strained maternal relationship, and Diane and Ron missing Roxy.

Another highlight of the episode was the reappearance of Sam and Oscar, especially as I wasn’t sure when the Pilot concluded whether any of the other siblings would be reappearing. As Sam was portrayed as an unlikeable character, I’m glad his reappearance was only brief. In contrast, I loved Oscar’s reappearance, who provided much needed comic relief. While Creasey’s talents are in comedy and he provides this in spades with the character of Oscar, he also started to show his acting chops in this episode, especially during the dinner scene, as his presence was of a more subtle nature. I’m looking forward to seeing Oscar in future episodes. The reappearances of Sam and Oscar also provided some subtle foreshadowing at the reappearance of another unknown sister at the end of the episode, although that being said, it is yet to be revealed if this woman actually is another sister, which will be the focus of next week’s episode.

On smaller notes there are some loose ends that haven’t been tied up, which leaves me wondering if they will be addressed in future episodes or whether they were just random mishaps. These include Sam’s desire to meet Julius, Roxy’s “negotiations” at work, and Amanda’s (Zindzi Okenyo) anger towards Edie.

Overall this was a solid episode, but I wouldn’t say as spectacular as the previous two episodes. Perhaps this is because as the premise and characters have been established, the focus is now shifting to more subtle character development. Interestingly, according to IMDB, there are only six episodes, so we are already halfway through the first season.


Stray Observations:

-Oscar Skyping or Facetiming with Roxy whilst at lunch with Edie was a nice, if not awkward attempt at sibling bonding.

-The way Julia was fired would not happen in real life, or at least if it did it wouldn’t be legal.

-Ron, Diane, Genevieve, Isaac and Julius only make brief appearances in this episode.

Best one liners:

  • “I want a hammer!” (Roxy)
  • “As an adult, I’m coming for you.” (Edie to Julius)
  • “I am not scum!” (Diane to Julia)


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