Sisters–Season 1, Episode 3

So there’s a potential new sister.

In all honesty Kasey’s (Emily Barclay) appearance was a real let down. She only appears sporadically throughout the episode, being an imposition to Julia, and whether she is Julius’ daughter is never established. While the writers would be leaving this open to keep the arc going, I felt that the build up and the lingering feeling weren’t established well enough or strong enough to justify dragging it out.

I felt that Julia feeling overwhelmed at the situation was predictable, as it was inevitable and hinted at in the previous episode. I also felt the scenes with her trying to find relief fell flat, as the outcome of trying to hook up with a man who turned out not to be her sibling, only for him to be married with a family, was predictable. However these predictable moments redeemed themselves, when they lead to the most surprising moment of the episode of Julia catching Edie and Amanda in the act on her way home.

I felt that the MVP of this episode was Roxy, the focus was more on her whilst Julia and Edie were really in the background this week. Roxy genuinely tries to look after and have fun with Julius, with her own problems resurfacing in the process as she is becoming addicted to drugs again, which comes to a head when Ron sees this (but not Diane) when she returns to work.

On smaller notes, the brief emotional moments involving Mr Browning added another side to the IVF saga, by exploring how paternity would be made clear for an IVF child who has died. It was also an interesting moment for Julia as she steps up and is there for a stranger, rather than someone she knows, who is affected by the saga. I also felt that the parallel of Tim and Julia’s history and sexual tension, and Edie and Amanda’s sexual tension and kiss was executed perfectly. Also Roxy and Julius getting high, and the reveal of the origin of Tim’s “cleaning in undies” fantasy were the comic highlights of the episode.

Overall this episode wasn’t terrible but it did fall a little flat, in all honesty it felt like a filler.


Stray Observations:

-Roxy getting Julius into Snapchatting was gold.

-WWJD, no not Jesus, What Would Julia Do?

-Roxy got her “princess with a hammer” wishes at work.

-Genevieve (Catherine McClements) didn’t appear in this episode, but judging by the promo it looks like she’s going to cause trouble next week.

-Ron and Diane only appeared briefly and surprisingly Ron was the one to make the biggest decision in regards to the class action.

-Roxy felt like a middle sister when she was sitting between Edie and Julia at breakfast and trying to get them to be more optimistic.

Best one liners:

  • “I’m driving a car with no brakes heading into a tidal wave of shit” (Julia).
  • “Date guys whose DNA tested negative, easy!” (Isaac to Julia on how to avoid accidentally dating another sibling).
  • “I’m just a lady that’s really good at avoiding her own life.” (Julia)

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