Sisters–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode mainly revolved around Julia, Edie, Roxy and even Genevieve, being interviewed for a piece on the obvious A Current Affair spoof, Sunday Spotlight. I felt Natasha’s (Jane Hall) calls to everyone was a nice thread throughout, with it coming to a hilarious head when the piece airs with Genevieve’s anecdote on Edie’s experience at a nudist beach and her apparent subsequent obsession with penises. When Roxy wanted to promote her single on the show, I was expecting a reveal that she doesn’t have singing talent, however it was nice to see that she does have talent and it lead to the disastrous but hilarious piece ending on a happy note. Overall, the Sunday Spotlight subplot provided hilarious moments, but between Genevieve’s interview, the lack of content from the girls themselves and Roxy’s oddly inserted single promotion, it didn’t really come together to form a coherent piece of journalism, even though it was fictional.

Meanwhile, Julia is digging deeper into the IVF scandal and actually formulating a formal timeline of each IVF child through Julius’ photo gallery, with her and Isaac deducing that Julius was using his own sperm from 1978 until 1987. To me this was the most interesting development in the episode and it left me wondering whether both the first and last child will show themselves next week, especially as it was a bit of a letdown that they weren’t revealed this week. Another letdown was the question of why Julius started using his own sperm being left unanswered.

Just as I was feeling disappointed that Kasey didn’t appear in this episode, especially as the previous one revolved around her, sure enough she showed up at Julius’ physio session with Oscar. Again it hasn’t been established whether she actually is Julius’ child due to her reluctance to take the DNA test, I’m wondering how long that’s going to be dragged out for, not to mention I find it unrealistic that Julia would allow her to stay with them if she’s so reluctant to prove herself as her sister. However Kasey is emerging as an interesting character, despite the fact that her character is currently “flat”—she’s a little odd, possibly a con artist, yet she hasn’t shown any malicious intent towards anyone, despite her reluctance to prove she is another sister. That being said whether she uses her witnessing Roxy stealing Julius’ pills to her advantage remains to be seen.

Another interesting aspect in this episode was Zanetti’s choice to have discovery of Edie’s secret touched on but not directly addressed, through Tim’s inadvertent guess and suspicions of Edie’s true sexual nature. Tim asking Amanda about her “gaydar” and Edie’s sexuality, and subsequently quitting her job added some great tension, however I found the opportunity for Edie to reveal herself only to end up deflecting to be a cliche.

While I’m yet to receive confirmation that next week’s episode is the season finale (I suspect it isn’t due to the network not promoting it as such or whether my count of what episode we’re up to is off), I am getting the impression that the end of the season is coming as certain tensions and story arcs are coming to head, specifically the Edie story arc. In this episode, Edie’s secret nearly comes out, her mother reveals that she has Huntington’s Disease (and therefore it’s possible Edie has it) and she realises she has fallen for Amanda. I didn’t see the Huntington’s Disease reveal coming and it will be interesting to see it played out.

Overall this was a mostly solid episode, an improvement on last week, however there were a few too many letdowns, specifically the lack of reveal of the first and last IVF children, whether Kasey is another sister, and why Julius started it all in the first place.


Stray Observations:

-Interestingly Ron and Diane didn’t make an appearance (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall seeing them), I thought this would be the episode where they would want to be front and centre.

-Genevieve makes possibly the most hilarious reappearance after not being present in the previous episode.

-Sam makes a reappearance with the reveal that his marriage has broken down, however whether this is because his wife found out about his encounter with Julia in the pilot wasn’t made clear.

-Genevieve’s anecdote on Edie’s nudist beach experience made me think of the penile impression scene at the beginning of Bridesmaids.

-Not that I condone drug use/abuse, but Roxy is funny when she’s high.

-Julia cleaning up nasty graffiti at her home was another subtle reference to the consequences of the saga.

-Both Julius and Julia visited Julia’s mother’s grave.

-Loving the bonding sessions between Oscar and Julius, I hope we see more of them.

Best one liners:

  • “In aged care we call this fake sleeping” (Oscar on Julius).
  • “Making up is good” (Roxy to Edie and Julia after their first fight as sisters).
  • “It was circumcised, it did look aggressive” (Genevieve on Edie seeing a penis for the first time at a nudist beach).

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