Sisters–Season 1, Episode 5

So Edie’s secret is out or at least to Tim anyway.

While Edie’s secret was bound to come out eventually, I was surprised by the writers’ choice to not only have Edie reveal her secret of her own volition but also to have the majority of the episode revolved around it. While it was never in Julia to spill her secret, I was honestly expecting her secret to come out via the cliche method of a stranger or a work colleague exposing it. By having Edie expose her secret to Tim, the ramifications of it are dealt with on her own terms, which is more interesting by far than having the choice taken out of her hands.

The exposure of Edie’s secret enables for humorous scenes of sisterly bonding with another reveal, a surprising one, that Roxy is still a virgin, as well as providing a distraction from the IVF scandal. As this is episode five and there are two more to go, I think it was a good time in the season to have the distraction and to enable serious character development.

I felt that the soundtrack choices in the moments leading up to Edie telling Tim the truth were excellent, Edie’s collapse and subsequent almost catatonic state was thrilling, and Amanda’s anger at Edie’s naivety justified. Despite the good portrayal by all three actors, I felt Edie’s request to Julia to not sleep with Tim was unreasonable, and that Tim’s reactions and choices were entirely unrealistic altogether until the moment that he broke down in Carl’s office. One writing nitpick I have about this whole A story was the fact that no explanation was given as to why Edie cracked in the first place. The most obvious explanation would be her declaration of her feelings to Amanda, however this isn’t made crystal clear.

On smaller notes, I felt the scene between Isaac and Julia didn’t really add anything to the episode as the ramifications on the Institute that Isaac mentions never actually played out. I also felt that the introduction of Abraham as the possible first IVF child was also a letdown as it was never confirmed whether he was the first child, and he is never mentioned again in the episode once he has been introduced.

An interesting and underrated moment in this episode for me was the moment that Roxy was called out for stealing Julius’ pain medication by Oscar only for Kasey to cover for her. This moment shows that Oscar is more observant than he lets on, possibly due to working in aged care, as well as the fact that, at least for now, Kasey has no intention of taking advantage of Roxy’s problem. This moment is especially important as Edie and Roxy unsuccessfully try to get Julia to deal with Kasey’s unwillingness to take the DNA test.

Overall this was an interesting episode but not a spectacular one, especially as there was a great amount of potential for subplots and story arcs that weren’t explored, it felt like a filler that is paving the way for the final two episodes.


Stray Observations:

-I was seriously bothered by the fact that Edie was lying on the floor and no-one bothered to call an ambulance to make sure she was okay.

-I’m also seriously annoyed by the fact that Kasey still hasn’t been confirmed as another sister.

-Julia’s nickname for Edie is “Eeds”.

-Ron makes a reappearance but Diane doesn’t.

-Julia pays another visit to her mother’s grave.

-Genevieve’s Huntington’s Disease diagnosis isn’t touched on in this episode.

-While Carl is clearly a bit of a jerk he is not a complete jerk as he doesn’t take advantage of Roxy, that being said I would have liked to have known why he wasn’t interested in her.

Best one liners:

  • “In jail…you know how we feel about that” (Oscar to Julia on visiting Abraham).
  • “I’m a virgin, I don’t know why” (Roxy).
  • “You two are in for a shitty couple of months” (Genevieve to Tim and Edie).
  • “If it’s any consolation, you two would have had lovely children…with extra hands” (Oscar to Julia on her and Sam).

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