Sisters–Season 1 Finale

The purpose of a season finale is to conclude the season’s story arcs and set up potential new ones for the next season (if there is one). This season finale didn’t really achieve either goal. If it was made clear if Sisters had or has been renewed, I could give this episode a pass, because in all honesty it didn’t feel like a finale at all, it felt like any other episode.

The episode starts off with Kasey inviting Julia to dinner in her own home, Roxy points out what the viewers would be thinking, in that Kasey is only having the dinner to butter Julia up when she reveals she’s not a sister. Isaac reveals that Kasey’s DNA sample was negative and she is subsequently confronted after Julius’ funeral, where she reveals that her efforts in the previous episode to swipe Julia’s DNA were successful. Due to her efforts being shown in the previous episode, in all honesty, I did guess that she managed to swipe Julia’s DNA and that this plot twist would present itself. It’s a good plot twist nonetheless, but it was still predictable, especially with Genevieve’s revelation earlier in the series that Julia’s mother met Julius first as a doctor and then fell in love with him.

One way that the season finale actually succeeded in concluding a story arc and setting up a potential one for next season, came in the form of Roxy’s drug addiction story arc. Just when we thought that she hit rock bottom when she threatened a colleague for his stash, she well and truly hits it when she steals Julius’ drugs while his dead body is still lying on his bed. While it’s not entirely established whether Roxy losing Julius, losing her job, finding out that she has some sort of reproductive problem, and finding out from Diane that she knew all along that Julius was her father, and her subsequent breakdown in front of Isaac, was enough to send her over the edge to the point of overdosing, you could form a strong argument that, that would be the case. I enjoyed the ending of her story arc as it was a nice full circle without being cliche—in the pilot Roxy is forced into rehab by her mother, in the finale she goes there willingly with the support of her sisters.

You could also argue that Edie’s story arc was also close to both being concluded and providing potential for the next season. Edie forces Amanda to resign, which leads to a great one liner and walk out by Amanda, however the troubles between Edie and Tim aren’t completely done and dusted. Tim admits in therapy that he hired a prostitute and the therapist oddly sides with him, which leads to another great one liner from Edie. I felt Tim’s choice to move out was a logical ending to this story arc and I appreciated that it happened without the drama.

While Julius’ death does make sense as its impending nature has been hinted at all season and it is the finale, there’s a part of me that still didn’t see it coming, which I’ll chalk up to good writing. I enjoyed Isaac’s brutally honest eulogy and I found Julius’ last words to Julia that “she’s keeping him hostage” an interesting one liner as it could also apply to Julia. I found Barbara’s confession to Julia that she was in love with Julius didn’t add anything to her character or the episode.

I felt that the final moments of the finale of Julia randomly riding her bike with a smile on her face just after the scene where Roxy went to rehab, was a letdown. There is no context to these moments or any indication of where Julia is going and what she is feeling. One interpretation that can be taken from it is that Julia is now free of Julius and is riding off to her next adventure in life, but that’s probably a bit of stretch. I felt these final moments were random and didn’t add anything or close off the season properly.

Overall the first season of Sisters was mostly good, especially with solid character development, however I also feel that the premise was underdeveloped. This could be partly due to the limitations of having a seven episode season and an uncertain future, however I feel there needs to be improvement in the writing. I felt that the finale was a letdown as there was no complete closure on this season’s story arcs and not much in the way of potential story arcs for next season (if there is one) presenting themselves. A finale should feel like a finale and it should be clear to the viewers. As I stated in the beginning of my review, it could have been any other episode if it wasn’t advertised as a finale. A finale being so underwhelming (writing wise) that it felt like it could have been any other episode, is never a good thing. That being said the acting and one liners were superb.

I hope Sisters is reviewed for another season.


Stray Observations:

-Genevieve is a runner just like Edie.

-Roxy remembers Julius through the Snapchat photos she took of him in a previous episode.

-Sam makes a reappearance and seemed to be the only other IVF child outside of the girls, Kasey and Oscar to be present at Julius’ funeral.

-Apparently Carl plays the piano.

Best one liners:

  • “Just remember that the night my father died you slapped me!” (Julia to Edie—the best one liner of the season)
  • “Don’t cream yourself too much Angela, you might slide off the seat.” (Edie to Angela, her therapist)
  • “Do you realise you put everyone in a position of compromise without being willing to compromise yourself?” (Amanda to Edie)

One thought on “Sisters–Season 1 Finale

  1. I have questions after the finale. What is the meaning of Roxy’s mother’s past? And didn’t they all have the same birth month/year? Was that ever addressed?


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