TV Week 2018 Previews

As this blog has grown so much over the last twelve months through hits and readership, I wanted to do the same thing I did last year and buy TV Week‘s issue containing previews of 2018 TV shows.

I was especially eager to read previews on the shows I’ve been reviewing on here for the last two years: Doctor Doctor, Here Come the Habibs, House Husbands, Hyde & Seek, Love Child, Sisters, Speechless, The Secret Daughter, and The Wrong Girl.

However I knew when I bought the issue that there wouldn’t be previews of all of these shows. Sadly, Here Come the Habibs, House Husbands, Love Child and The Secret Daughter have been axed. Hyde & Seek wasn’t renewed for a second season, something I touched upon in last year’s blog post. The Wrong Girl most likely won’t be renewed as Christie Whelan-Browne (Nikkii) came forward with sexual harassment allegations against co-star Craig McLachlan (Eric) earlier this year, that being said its future was already in doubt prior to Browne’s allegations coming out.

One of the shows that I review that I know will be returning this year is Doctor Doctor, for its third season. Unfortunately the ” preview” wasn’t a preview, rather a highlight reel of the previous two seasons. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to its return.

I haven’t come across any news on the future of Sisters, but I’m hoping its renewed, there was no mention of U.S. show, Speechless, most likely because Channel 10 haven’t aired it in months.

Despite the cancellation of the majority of the shows I review, this year shows promise for a variety of new (non-reality) shows.

Street Smart, a new show by Here Come the Habibs co-creators, Tahir Bilgic and Rob Shehadie is a “hilarious and entertaining look at a team of bumbling crims who dream of fast cars, attractive women and getting rich quick”. Bilgic will be portraying Steve a “hopeless goon who likens himself to George Clooney’s character in Ocean’s Eleven“, while Shehadie will be portraying Joe, a “ruthless parking officer”. It will be interesting to see if there will be any comedic similarities to Here Come the Habibs, however I won’t be thinking about it too much as I keep an open mind when reviewing. Street Smart will be airing on Channel 10.

Another Channel 10 show that I’m looking forward to reviewing will be Playing for Keeps, focusing on the off-the-field lives of Australian football wives and girlfriends (WAGs). How to Stay Married, starring Peter Helliar and Lisa McCune, is also another Channel 10 show with potential.

TV Week also provided short blurbs of Squinters and Riot, both of which will be airing on the ABC. Squinters is a six-part series that will revolve around five carloads of workers on their journey to work and then home. I’m looking forward to checking out this show both to see how its intriguing premise is played out and to see the star-studded cast, which include: Tim Minchin, Jacki Weaver, Miranda Tapsell and Mandy McElhinney, in action. While Riot is a telemovie that will focus on the origins of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Another ABC show that looks promising is crime drama, Harrow, starring Ioan Gruffudd as forensic pathologist, Dr Daniel Harrow, who is determined to find out what happened to his victims while keeping a dark secret of his own.

TV Week also provided a short blurb on Bite Club, which will be airing on the Nine Network. Bite Club will revolve around two detectives who fall victim to a shark attack, they survive but have to deal with massive psychological repercussions, and later work together to hunt down a serial killer.

On the biography front, the headliner is Hopelessly Devoted to You, with Delta Goodrem portraying Olivia Newton-John. It will be interesting to see how this biography will be received by viewers as last year’s Hoges and Brock weren’t as well received as biographies of previous years. Channel Seven will also be airing Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy, a documentary based on Barnes’ 2016 memoir of the same name.

There are also plenty of overseas shows making their debut with SEAL Team, Instinct and 9JKL airing on Channel 10, and Life Sentence and Hard Sun airing on Channel Seven.

While I’m sad at the axing of many of the shows that I have reviewed over the last two years, I am looking forward to reviewing the new shows on offer.

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