Harrow–Season 1, Episode 2 (Ex Animo)

Now that the pilot has aired and established the show’s premise and characters, now the fun and character exploration can really begin.

We immediately kick off with the case of the week with a group of schoolgirls finding the body of Phillipa Wedburg (Niki-J Price). This case of the week was bizarre and couldn’t be more different from last week’s. Due to its bizarre nature, I found this case of the week more interesting and the reveal of the murderer wasn’t as predictable. There were also plenty of twists and turns—the reveal of Phillipa being shot and killed by a crossbow, the threesome sex video complete with Cosplay costumes, the reveal of Blake’s bad hand, right to the reveal of Charlotte as the murderer as she was expelled from uni for stealing body parts from cadavers. All of these twists and turns both in the case and the episode left me with the constant feeling of intrigue and wanting to know what the next clue would be.

As interesting as the case of the week was, what was even better was the B story of Fern and her boyfriend, Callan, squatting. In this subplot it is revealed he left her at the hospital when she overdosed, and that they have clearly been squatting for a while. This subplot provided some much needed insight into Fern’s character and nature as her squatting skills are put on display–she knows to look for abandoned mail,  she knows about possible places for hide-a-keys, and remains calm and collected when the owners of the first house return, in contrast to Callan who immediately starts panicking. This moment also shows that she is clearly the one in charge of their relationship. This subplot was necessary as Fern showed potential in the pilot but was underused.

The discovery and now subsequent investigation into the body Harrow dumped in the river was shoved to the background as the C story. While Simon was trying to get the femur out of the concrete, Harrow went to see his old mentor, Jack (Tony Barry) to both get his advice on ways to cover up the murder, as well as to feel absolved without completely confessing. I found this was a fitting choice as Harrow would need a confidante of some kind and it clearly wouldn’t be his colleagues and family. Jack catching Harrow in the act of falsifying evidence by covertly taking Hovard’s DNA is the next step in this story arc, and I felt this scene was the perfect way to move the arc forward.

Like the pilot, this episode didn’t have a lot of action that you would normally see with your typical crime drama, however there was certainly more of it than last week. This is especially true with the nature of the A story and the case of the week,  as well as the fact that the murderer was actually arrested on-screen this time.

Overall this episode was an improvement to last week, however there is still plenty of room for growth.


Stray Observations:

-There is a slight continuity issue in the scene between Harrow and Stephanie. Stephanie brought by Fern’s immunisation records for her’s and Harrow’s Bora Bora trip after they were due to leave.

-Possible hints to Harrow’s nature as a killer: his collection of hunting magazines, his apparent admiration of Charlotte’s hunting/killing style (although it is just as likely he gave that speech to keep himself alive, but Charlotte was clearly spooked), and knowing who to go to, to track Fern down.

-Fairley’s role in this episode was minimal.


-Best one liners:

  • “Those I don’t kill I make stronger” (Harrow)
  • “That’s as useful as a chocolate teapot” (Nichols on the bar’s surveillance footage)
  • “We did find a heap of iffy shit!” (Saroya to Harrow on the search of the suspects’ flat)


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