Harrow–Season 1, Episode 3 (Hic Sunt Dracones)

This episode got Harrow out of the office and out of Brisbane.

This episode immediately kicked off with the case of the week and I swear that each week, the moments of discovery when it comes to the crime of the week are getting more graphic and gruesome. I’m not sure what the writers’ have planned for next week’s episode, but I think they would have found it hard to top a human arm in a crocodile’s stomach.

As the crocodile and the accompanying human arm were found in North Queensland, Saroya and Harrow fly up north to Airlie Beach to investigate and eventually solve the case. This marks the first time that Harrow is out of the office and away from his family, and the focus shifts to the sexual tension between him and Saroya.

Of course when any show or rather episode of a show focuses on sexual tension, a threat and third wheel has to be thrown into the mix, which for Harrow comes in the form of local Sergeant, Gabriel Capello (Richard Brancatisano). Capello is a good local cop, Italian, and is so handsome that even Harrow notices, which becomes a good but not great running gag, but other than a threat or third well, Capello doesn’t really bring anything else to the episode. While Millicent (Lynette Curran) provided some great comic relief and helped Harrow and Saroya find the body, she also didn’t add all that much to the episode.

Overall the case was very out there and unusual, and the red herrings were decent. I did enjoy that Harrow solved the case when one of the co-conspirators got their comeuppance by being poisoned by their choice of murder weapon, something which isn’t seen all that often. The case as a whole–a crocodile eating the arm of a human poisoned by phosphine, stealing the identity of a boat owner, and lizard smuggling–is something which isn’t seen all that often on a crime drama. It was a good case, and I get that a crime drama is bound to be graphic, but perhaps this case took it a little too far. Feel free to disagree with me.

There wasn’t much of a subplot in this episode as the focus was mainly on the crocodile case. Fern’s birthday is briefly focused on but not enough to make it memorable. This blip of a subplot reveals more about Steph and Harrow’s relationship than it does about Fern. The subplot reveals that Steph asked Harrow to track Fern down via Lewison, and the fact that Steph asks Harrow if he wants to come over and he contemplates it shows that feelings are still there between them, something likely to be explored in later episodes.

Just when we think that the River Bones case has been forgotten completely and Harrow thinks he may have gotten away with it, Simon finds an orthopaedic plate with a serial number, which can help with identifying the skeleton and Harrow’s secret. This was the perfect way to end as it provides the next clue in the mystery and is the perfect stepping stone for the next episode.


Stray Observations:

-Running gags:

  • Harrow’s repeatedly stating how much he hates lizards when in close proximity to crocodiles.
  • Harrow’s jealousy of Capello’s looks and Italian perfection.

-Apparently Harrow hoses his shoes a lot.

-This episode reveals that Steph is a teacher.

-Millicent’s knowledge of crocodile mating rituals and using them as an ice breaker was hilarious.

Best one liners:

  • “If I see one more beautiful Italian my eyes may burn out” (Harrow on Capello and his family)
  • “I’ll get your boat porn” (Simon to Harrow)


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