Harrow–Season 1, Episode 5 (Non Sum Qualis Eram)

This week the Fern drama and the case of the week came together for the first time.

The drugs that Billie gave Fern in the previous episode ends up causing the death of a young woman, and puts others, including Billie himself, in the hospital. While the young woman who takes the drug falls to her death, the murder of a woman named Xantia occurs simultaneously elsewhere.

Of course the episode was bound to focus on Fern’s involvement and whether she would be held responsible and/or arrested. While Fern ultimately covered her tracks, the lack of foresight to cover Callan’s tracks led to her downfall, which I felt was the most realistic way to go about it. The fact that Fern resuscitated Billie, which set off a chain reaction of her turning in the pills, and Billie’s eventual death due to trying to evade police, not only shows that Fern is not a complete lost cause but also concludes that specific story arc of hers. It’ll be interesting to see what the writers will do with her next, especially as this episode marks the halfway point of the season, which is the perfect time for a fresh story arc and character development. Having Xantia suffocated with garden soil and the sweat element coming into it and connecting the drug overdose elements, was perfectly executed.

In the background of the combined Fern drama and case of the week, Harrow and Saroya finally have their first sex scene. While this moment was inevitable, I prefer crime dramas focus on the drama of the crime rather than any romantic subplot. Sure we need balance in the episode, but I don’t feel like a romantic subplot is really the way to go. I honestly thought that newcomer, Jill, was an ex-flame of Harrow’s due to her obvious tension and slightly suppressed anger towards him, however this wasn’t made clear.

In regards to the River bones case, it was barely focused on this week as the bones were sent off for cremation, however just like last week, the viewers are given more cookie crumbs when it’s revealed through Stephanie’s rummaging in the garage that she and the cop knew each other.

Overall, I felt that this was the best episode so far as it makes for a good half-season finale, not to mention that combining the Fern drama and case of the week added perfect tension and raised the stakes. It’ll be interesting to see where the second half of the season will go.


Stray Observations:

-Lindsay makes a re-appearance.

-Fairley trying to use voice recognition and Harrow subsequently teasing him about it was hilarious.

-Fairley describes Harrow as a fabulous pathologist and a painter.

-Harrow dropped out of school because his father died.

-Fairley gets a ticket due to Harrow stealing his car and parking it in the wrong zone. However Fairley is more upset about Harrow taking over his autopsy rather than the fact that he stole his car.


Best one liners:

  • “Whoever’s done this, I want them strung up by their thumbs and beaten like a pinata” (Fairley to the police on the person [Harrow] who stole his car. More than a one liner, but still hilarious nonetheless).
  • “Cavalier sidewalk surgery” (Maxine quoting the Deputy Coroner on Harrow’s choice to perform a procedure on the victim in the street).


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