Harrow–Season 1, Episode 6 (Aarum Potestas Est)

After the tension and high stakes in the previous episode, this one in comparison seemed tame.

Nevertheless the start of the episode wasn’t tame in graphic nature with the case of the week kicking off with the discovery of a dismembered young woman on train tracks. For the most part I felt that this case was predictable—-it was obvious that Lotte didn’t kill herself by lying on the tracks, and it was obvious that her friend, Hartmann, would also be found dead. However what I didn’t see coming was the reveal of the perpetrator and Harrow’s subsequent kidnapping. While the kidnapping was unexpected, I felt certain elements to it were cliche, such as the perps threatening Steph to get Harrow to stop investigating.

This is the first time that the perpetrator is high profile and that while the murder is proven, no justice is served. Nichols perfectly summed up the case, “sometimes a bloke gets away with murder”. It is not unheard of in crime dramas to have an episode/s where a case is solved but not resolved as the perp gets away with it. It’s unsatisfying as a viewer, but realistic writing-wise as not all cases can be solved or resolved.

I think the case of the week was predictable to allow for the River bones subplot to develop further, especially now as the bones have been identified as cop, Robert Quinn, who also happens to be Stephanie’s ex-husband after Harrow. A lot of questions are answered now, such as why a debt collector showed up to Stephanie’s door and when exactly Robert came into her life. As Saroya has discovered that Quinn is both a cop and Stephanie’s ex-husband, she requested that the cremation of the bones be postponed and that request was granted, causing further conflict between her, Harrow and Stephanie, especially when she drops in on Stephanie unexpectedly.

I did wonder whether anything would come off of Robert’s toothbrush which Stephanie turned in. On one hand, if any DNA was found it adds another complication for Harrow, but on the other hand it would be too easy if there was any. No DNA being found serves the story arc more than any being found as it extends the length of the arc naturally. While it was obvious that Harrow wouldn’t admit to Saroya that he killed Robert, and we’re not overly sure if he actually has, it was a great moment of tension and I have feeling that him casually remarking that if he did “do you think anyone would ever know?” will be his downfall in a later episode, if not the finale.

Meanwhile, Callan finds a home for him and Fern, however it’s out of town. I felt that Fern’s reactions to Saroya and Harrow kissing, as well as Stephanie not answering her phone because she’s also “pre-occupied” would have served the episode and subplot better, if there was a more of an insight into her feelings on these matters rather than a look. At the end of the episode Fern leaves with Callan, so it will be interesting to see if they have arrived at the house in next week’s episode.

On a smaller note, Fairley was absent from this episode, according to Simon he’s in a Chado competition.

Once again, viewers are provided with another cookie crumb, this time in the form of Robert’s car being found in the river.

Overall this episode wasn’t bad but it wasn’t a strong one, a bit too tame and predictable.


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