Squinters–Season 1, Episode 2 (Rocky Road)

This episode provided a smooth transition from the pilot–establishing the premise and characters–to developing subplots.

The episode kicks off with Lukas, this time in the car with his barrister brother, Miles, on their way to court to deal with the ramifications of Lukas hitting Macca. Their moments together pretty much summed up their sibling relationship–close when they were younger, having drifted apart at some point, with Miles becoming more successful in his career rubbing that fact in Lukas’ face, however he clearly loves him as he is willing to help him out for free.

Next we go to Ned and Macca, where we see Macca in a neck brace with bruises with Ned driving him to court. Macca yelling out compliments to women and pointing out how politically correct society has become simultaneously, was hilarious and a highlight of the episode. While all the characters have their place of work in common, Lukas, Ned and Macca going to court marks the first time that some of the characters actually interact with each other, albeit off screen.

Separate to the Macca and Lukas subplot, next we go to Simoni and Talia, with Simoni asking for intel on the employees she’s supervising. After this, we go to to Bridget and Mia, with Mia once again giving Bridget dating advice, which isn’t that helpful but leads to a great comedic moment when Gary calls. While Paul paints Romi a portrait after he notices that it’s her birthday on Facebook, only for it not to be the case. While Paul is meant to be a pathetic and slightly creepy character, it was interesting to see more of a natural interaction and a friendship develop between the two of them.

At the end of the day, we find out that Lukas won his criminal case, walking away with only having to pay a $300 fine, however his victory is short lived when he learns from Miles via phone that he might not win a civil suit. While Macca informs Ned that he could sue Lukas, and that he cheated on his wife whilst he was at work, which I believe will lead to ramifications later. Bridget is worried about her Brazilian waxing gone awry and Talia reveals that Amazon may take over the Kosciuszko Distribution Centre, as she takes selfies with her Polaroid camera.

Overall this episode made a good transition from a pilot to an episode starting to develop subplots. The choice to develop a subplot with Lukas, Ned and Macca was a good one considering how the pilot ended, it will be interesting to see what subplots will be developed for the other characters.



Best one liners:

  • “Guess the blood alcohol content!” (Macca to Ned on his new “game”).
  • “Greek sex pest” (Miles describing Lukas after seeing him for the first time in five years).
  • “Massive ideas thief” (Simoni to Talia).
  • “If you want to go on his Facebook, just stalk” (Mia to Bridget).
  • “Nice to meet you baggage!” (Gary to Mia on the phone after Bridget makes a remark that men view children as dating baggage not knowing Gary was still on the line).
  • “I could be your cuddle pimp” (Paul to Romi as she is discussing becoming a cuddle therapist if she loses her job).
  • “I don’t have time for your garage metaphors” (Miles to Lukas)



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