Squinters–Season 1, Episode 4 (Road to Nowhere)

This episode revisits the previous episodes and briefly sets up a subplot for Simoni.

The episode kicks off with Lukas driving his mother, Audrey, to the doctor. Audrey brings up her death and what to do with her remains again, this time suggesting the cheaper option of having her body preserved in a glacier in the Andes. She also brings up the civil suit, asking if Miles is representing him and he will be.

I was disappointed that the writers decided to go with the “I don’t remember because I was drunk” cliche with Paul and Romi. Their morning car ride consists of them discussing what happened at the after works drinks function and Paul eventually bringing up the kiss, which makes things awkward between them, however the awkwardness isn’t fully explored until the afternoon car ride, which I’ll get to.

Simoni and Talia’s morning car ride consisted of talking about their Yoga wine bar and digestive health, with the rather odd reveal that Simoni would get belted for farting when she was growing up. Talia also mentioned that the Centre’s stocks have plummeted and stock take is coming up.

During Ned and Macca’s morning car ride, Macca reveals that he has slept with one woman and has realised that he loves his wife and wants a monogamous marriage. He also reveals that his wife agreed to it and they are actually having a “re-commitment” ceremony. Ned offers to be his best man, which Macca shuts down until he receives harsh declines from his “friends”.

Bridget and Mia’s morning car ride consists of making a list of no-pros and heaps-of-cons on Gary. Mia also displays songwriting and singing talent when she practices her singing for Bridget.

The afternoon car rides kick off with Lukas talking to Davis on the phone again about his “break up” with Eric, with Davis suggesting, just like Audrey, that Lukas get Barney desexed. Davis also admits that he views Lukas as a friend, which Lukas is touched by, maybe a romance is on the cards.

Ned and Macca have a fight during their afternoon car ride about Macca’s intelligence, when he reveals he wants to impress the management staff at the annual warehouse quiz, after his previous attempts to apply for a management position have failed.

During Bridget and Mia’s car ride home, it’s revealed that Bridget read Mia’s online diary and found out that Mia’s no longer a virgin. What’s interesting is that Bridget isn’t so much bothered by the fact that Mia is no longer a virgin but that she is having more sex than her. It’s also revealed that Mia won the school singing contest.

The most interesting afternoon car ride is Simoni and Talia’s, especially with Miranda (Miranda Tapsell) from dispatch tagging along in the back seat as her alternator died. During this car ride it’s revealed that someone stole the $24,000 virgin hair mentioned by Talia in the previous episode. It’s obvious that Simoni stole it, however whether she stole it to get revenge on Talia getting the supervisor position or if she just needs the money, hasn’t been established. I’m looking forward to seeing the ramifications of this play out in a later episode.

The episode ends with Romi and Paul’s afternoon car ride, where Romi tells Paul that she will be carpooling with Rachelle. Romi is obviously doing this to avoid Paul, which Paul partially calls her out on as he admits that he may have made a mistake in bringing the kiss up. He then admits to Romi that he doesn’t really like his job or click with his co-workers and his favourite part of the day is “talking shit” with her. It is then Romi asks Paul to hang out with her at her place, which shows development in their friendship and the romantic subplot.

Overall this was another solid episode, especially with the developments of both the Paul and Romi, and Simoni subplots.

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