Squinters–Season 1, Episode 5 (Crossroads)

This episode was different.

For starters, we have Lukas and Miles on their morning car ride, however Miles isn’t in the car for whole journey, Lukas ends his morning journey by talking to Davis about Barney going MIA. Romi is driving instead of Paul, Talia is driving instead of Simoni and Miranda has tagged along again, and a forklift driver by the name of Gav is tagging along with Ned and Macca. The morning car rides aren’t really all that exciting, with the exception of the reveals that Paul and Romi hooked up, Simoni used Talia’s pass code to steal the virgin hair, and Macca got promoted.

The afternoon car rides were much more revealing. During his afternoon drive, Lukas informs Davis that he found Barney and had him desexed, and the viewers sees Davis for the first time via an accidental FaceTime call. Meanwhile during Talia and Simoni’s drive home, Talia reveals that she knew that Simoni stole the virgin hair, and Macca reveals to Ned on their drive home that Jess left him. While on Bridget and Mia’s drive home, Mia reveals that Vijay broke up with her via a badly written poem, which inspires Bridget to do the same to Gary.

The episode ends with Romi revealing to Paul that she has accepted her dream job offer on the Gold Coast, hence the episode’s title.

Overall this episode started slow but ended on a high note with many character and subplot developing reveals, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next episode, the season finale, will bring.


Best one liners:

  • “Do you think I live in ’80’s porno?” (Paul to Romi on her perception of delivery driving).
  • “I’m saving my P’s money to go to New York!” (Miranda to Simoni and Talia on why she doesn’t have a licence).
  • “Testicles are a garnish” (Lukas to Barney after having him desexed).


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