Squinters–Season Finale (End of the Road)

So we’ve reached the season finale of Squinters.

We kick off the episode with Ned and Macca on their way to the civil suit mediation. Ned slightly reveals how wealthy he is through how much he makes through his app sales and Macca, wearing his wedding suit, reveals that he tried to commit suicide after finding out his wife has moved in with one of his mates.

Both Lukas and Miles’ morning and afternoon drives revolve around Audrey’s recent death and deciding what burial wish of hers to respect. While Paul is on his morning drive alone as Romi has moved up to the Gold Coast and Simoni constantly apologises to Talia during their morning drive. Bridget and Mia’s morning drive was interesting as Mia brutally broke up with Gary for Bridget, and both Bridget and Mia reveal to each other that they might be pregnant.

In regards to the afternoon drives home, Lukas talks to Davis about the reveal that the Kosciuszko Distribution Centre has been bought out by a U.S. Hedge Fund. Lukas is actually calm due to the fact that he took a $300,000 redundancy pay out and only had to pay Macca $10,000 in the civil suit. Lukas ends up asking Davis out and accepts, so he gets his happily ever after. Ned and Macca’s afternoon drive home also revolves around the outcome of the civil suit, which Macca is happy about, as well as the reveal of the Centre being bought out. Macca also apologises to Ned for giving him the wedgie that led to his testicle removal.

Simoni and Talia’s afternoon drive home misleads the viewers slightly, making us believe that they managed to return the virgin hair albeit under pressure, only for Talia to reveal that they never returned it. While Bridget and Mia’s afternoon drive home reveals that while Mia is not pregnant, Bridget is, and then Mia informs Bridget that she’s out of a job. While Paul’s drive home is diverted to the airport to supposedly pick up a prisoner, only for it to be Romi surprising him with the news she quit her job to give their relationship a shot. While I found this to be cliche, it was also the best outcome as they got their happily ever after and it would disappoint the viewers if they didn’t.

The episode and the season ends with all of the characters embracing the happiness they found, without worrying too much about the future, with the last moments showing the Kosciuszko Distribution Centre sign being taken down. This moment can be interpreted as providing potential for the next season (if there is another one) or that it marks the end of the show in a subtle way.

Overall I enjoyed watching Squinters, the characters weren’t really relatable but they were fun and easy to get to know. The writers’ choice to have the premise be on the characters’ commute to work rather than showing their actual day at work was a unique one that I believe paid off reasonably well. I believe the choice to make it a 20-30 minute show instead of the typical one hour show was a good one as focusing on people in cars for an hour would grow tired.

I’m hoping there’s another season, however there isn’t, this finale provided a good, well-rounded end to the show.


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