Sando–Season 1, Episode 3 (New Mum)

While Sando has been filled with outlandish jokes, unfortunately in this episode the A story itself was outlandish and ridiculous, which brought down the episode and made it a failure.

The episode kicks off with its usual 90s-ish Sando’s ad of an “out with the old, in with the new” sale, which of course is the theme of the episode. We then see Sando on the phone with Tony, she is talking about Susie coming back to the business and Tony is altering the Sando’s logo to feature his face, which I know will be focused on in a later episode. We then cut to Sando and Eric talking at the pool, with Sando providing a backstory on Susie’s business skills and talent, which again will most likely appear in a later episode, but let’s get back to this one.

Sando catches Don and Nicky in the act, which leads to her blackmailing them into convincing Susie to let her stay longer. While the blackmail was pulled off well, it’s a shame no more came out of it. Shortly after this deal is made, Gary admits to Don that he is addicted to skinny dipping. While a skinny dipping addiction is ridiculous and Gary’s confession to it is a little cheesy, it did provide some great comic moments, such as when Gary near falls off the wagon and wants to dip his toe in, and when Gary actually does fall off the wagon to his relief and everyone’s shock.

However the skinny dipping addiction isn’t what makes the A story outlandish and ridiculous, it was Susie’s desire to divorce Sando and subsequently ask Nicky to adopt her and be Rian’s grandmother. Nicky obviously can’t adopt Susie and Rian’s teacher going along with this charade was unrealistic. Nicky becoming addicting to darning, wearing glasses and acting like a grandmother was both funny and ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Eric, hoping to take over the family business, applies to work at one of the Sando’s stores, where he is immediately hired by Mikal (Michael Denkha) once he makes his identity clear. While it was obvious that Eric would do a bad job, it was hilarious to see his downfall, not to mention it was good to see that Sando is capable of conducting business and being selfless at the same time, even if the intentions were dubious.

While I’m critical where I need to be when I’m reviewing, I’m not usually this scathing. The reason why I’m so scathing of this episode is not only the obvious ridiculousness of the writing but the fact that the characters themselves, mostly Don and Sando, point out how ridiculous the A story actually is. While you could argue that the writers and characters are poking fun at themselves, it’s one thing to poke fun, another to completely ridicule.

Hopefully there’s improvement in the second half of the season.


Stray Observations:

Here Come the Habibs alumni, Michael Denkha (Fou Fou) and Sam Alhaje (Toufic) make an appearance.

-Vic Junior didn’t make an appearance.

-Don doesn’t like Gary calling him dad.


Best one liners:

  • “You guys would make terrible teenagers” (Sando to Don and Nicky).
  • “I wore my best interview socks” (Eric to Mikal).
  • “Is it because I eat beef stock cubes in bed, because I can stop!” (Gary to Susie when she announces she wants a divorce).


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