Sando–Season 1, Episode 5 (Lockdown)

Again the episode kicks off with a 90s-ish Sando’s ad, this time focusing on dodgy furniture contracts.

This episode mainly focuses on Don and Sando as they are locked in Don’s “man cave” for most of it, both of them needing to escape as they have important events to attend–Don, his first pub gig, and Sando, the board meeting. While this is a simple and cliche premise, it worked well for this episode as it allowed for character development. Don and Sando resolved some of their issues and ended up having sex, but didn’t end up getting back together.

While they eventually escaped by going through the floor and eventually made it to their respective events, the character development achieved while in “lockdown” goes one step further with Sando as she decides to miss the board meeting to attend Don’s gig, proving that she can be selfless. Another interesting moment is when Sando finds herself attracted to him, voices it and Nicky hears her, feeling threatened, however this isn’t addressed in the episode. Not surprisingly, Don’s gig fails him when he tries his original songs but he ends up succeeding by embracing his jingles as Sando and the rest of the family suggested.

The B subplot was just ridiculous with Rian finding an old picture of Susie when she had pointy goblin-like ears and of course she assumes Susie is a goblin and puts herself in “lockdown” in her closet. While it’s natural for a child her age to see something like this and make such an assumption, what’s unnatural and ridiculous is Gary falling for it, even Eric doesn’t fall for it. Eventually all is sorted, just in time for Don’s gig. In all honesty, while it provided an insight into Susie, this subplot didn’t add anything else to the episode.

Overall this was a good episode, especially as the family were brought together and seemed happier. The unresolved moments of Sando’s decision to not attend the board meeting, Susie meeting with Kevin as a potential investor for her business, and Nicky’s insecurity about having Sando around Don, provide a great springboard for the finale.


Stray Observations:

–Vic Junior hates kids.

Best one liners:

  • “I’ve been banned from TAFE” (Eric).
  • “You’re not high from sniffing a Birchgrove lounge set are you?” (Sando to Tony).

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