Sando–Season 1 Finale (Family Business)

As it’s the season finale, this episode kicked off with a Sando’s ad, only Tony’s version for a current ad.

The contrast between the Sando’s ads from the 90s and Tony’s ad and plans for Sando’s now and in the future were clear as day. Obviously the board weren’t going for it and before they could tell him this, Sando walks in and tries to win them over. She makes a deal to shoot the ad and if they don’t like it, she’ll go on her own accord.

Sando then has to complete the task of convincing her family members to participate in her old ads again. Susie refuses as Sando’s Warehouse is her competitor and Kevin has sold his car to invest in her company, Don refuses as Nicky got him a singing gig at the same time, and Eric refuses as he’s too upset over Nicky rejecting him. However she eventually gets the numbers as Eric is jealous at the thought of Vic Junior taking his place, Don sees the ad as an opportunity to promote his song to a larger audience than the singing gig would provide, and Kevin’s car was stolen and the buyer wants his money back so Susie has no other options.

The scenes of Sando and the family filming the ad gives an insight into their dynamic and what it’s like being a famous family. However this isn’t the highlight of the episode, the highlight of the episode comes right after this when Susie joins in.

The secrets come out and the story arcs of the season come to a head when Rian overhears Don and Sando via the studio headset talking about sleeping together, which leads to Susie telling Nicky this information over the phone, then Tony comes in and asks Susie how Sando convinced her to do the ad, which leads to Tony revealing that Sando’s assets are frozen and she can’t give her the money she needs, which leads to Susie losing it during filming with Eric following her lead moments later, and Nicky arrives to confront Sando, which leads to her telling Eric about the affair and Susie finding out, which leads to a brawl between them all. This chain of events was pulled off seamlessly, with every emotion portrayed realistically and beautifully.

The episode then cuts to an ABC News Breakfast crossover with Sando making an appearance revealing the edited ad, complete with the brawl, as part of her “re-branding strategy” changing Sando’s Warehouse to Crazy Sando’s. Sando then reveals that Susie is the head of the company, with Kevin and Gary working for her.

The episode and the season ends on a rather dark note with Susie partially revealing she plans to destroy Sando, Tony being fired, Eric being admitted to a mental hospital of some kind after a breakdown, and Nicky having opened her therapeutic practice and revealing to an unknown person over the phone that she’s writing a tell-all about the family. Obviously these moments were hinting at time jumps and possible story arcs for the next season, if the show is renewed. The episode and the season also ends in a full circle of sorts as the pilot started with an old Sando’s ad and this episode and the season ends with Sando turning on the TV to watch her new Crazy Sando’s ad with Don.

Overall this was a well done season finale as all the story arcs for this season were successfully concluded with no loose ends, while the final minutes of the episode perfectly set up story arcs for the next season. Whilst the season overall got off to a shaky start by going overboard with outlandish jokes and slapstick moments, but thankfully turned a corner at the fourth episode where the season focused more on the family dynamic, character and subplot development, which lead to a natural and fitting season finale.

I’m hoping this isn’t the last I see or review of Sando.


Stray Observations:

–This episode marks a crossover with Sando appearing on ABC News Breakfast.

Best one liners:

  • “Vomiting my guts up at the back of our yacht at the start of the Sydney to Hobart was not a good look.” (Sando to the board).
  • “Mentally he’s still in year 8” (Don describing Eric to Nicky).
  • “How can I advertise furniture when my heart is broken” (Eric to Sando).
  • “Eric’s walking like a re-animated giraffe!” (Sando to Susie)

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