Harrow–Season 1, Episode 9 (Lex Talionis)

So we’ve reached the penultimate episode of Harrow‘s first season.

The case of the week focuses on Stan Wagner, an elderly man from the Czech Republic, who is smothered to death in the nursing home he lives in. Most of the episode is set in the nursing home as Harrow and Jack conduct their investigation, from making observations on Stan’s body, to discovering one of the nurses, Rallings (Dan Ewing) is a white supremacist who mistreats the residents, to ultimately discovering that Wagner was Nazi and had a connection with another resident, Mrs Adams (Maggie Blinco) a Hungarian Jew during WWII, who ultimately killed him. The revelation that Mrs Adams killed Wagner due to him deciding the fatal fate of her sister, and the audio flashbacks of Auschwitz were thrilling and well executed. In all honesty, I found the outcome of the case surprising, but in a good way, as this is a murder you don’t usually see committed in crime shows.

The episode didn’t just kick off with the case of the week, it also kicked off with Saroya seeing Jack whilst the crime was being committed. Saroya visits to ask Jack questions about Harrow, showing her doubts of his character, where he tries to reassure her but also evades her questions. During her visit, we’re also given Jack’s back story, with the reveal that him and his wife, Pamela, couldn’t have children.

Saroya isn’t the only one having doubts about Harrow’s character, Simon also starts to lose trust in Harrow as Maxine discovers an issue with the office login system and asks for Simon’s help to clear it up. He reassures her, only to ask for help from tech support. Whilst he waits for answers, he distances himself slightly from Harrow, putting the words “think twice before you answer” over his caller ID photo of him. I felt that Simon’s distrust was played beautifully by Hii, it will be interesting to see how it’s played out in next week’s finale as it wasn’t fully resolved in this episode.

The build up of Fern being Quinn’s murderer was ultimately resolved when it was finally revealed that she didn’t kill him as she was bailing Callan out of jail at the time. The scenes between Callan and Nichols were slightly comedic with Callan fooling Nichols into giving him the chance to call both Fern and Harrow to warn them about the investigation. Callan has generally been used a minor character, however this episode is the first time he is actually a three dimensional character as he tries to help Fern and Harrow and reveals his concerns for Fern to him, which marks the first time Page-Lochard and Gruffudd have shared scenes together. I felt that these moments were well executed and long overdue.

In the background of the Quinn homicide investigation and the case of the week are minor moments which are leading to Harrow possibly being revealed as Quinn’s murderer, such as Fern paying Lewison to decipher a mystery phone number, which leads her to discover a phone box by the pier where Harrow’s yacht is, and Simon finally hearing from tech support what the issues were with the logins. The episode ends with Saroya looking at the surveillance footage of Fern and Harrow in the pawn shop, which was a scene shown in the pilot, and seeing the surgical pliers from Harrow’s surgeon kit.

Overall this was a solid penultimate episode with a solid case of the week, Maxine accepting Nichol’s marriage proposal, Jack’s death, and more clues leading to Quinn’s murderer, which looks like Harrow, however this still to be confirmed. Despite the main cast doing a terrific job as always, the episode’s MVPs are the guest cast—Maggie Blinco for her gripping and realistic portrayal of Mrs Adams, and Dan Ewing for his brief but convincing portrayal of a white supremacist.

I’m looking forward to reviewing next week’s finale and finding out whether Harrow did in fact murder Quinn, especially as it has been implied but so far all of the evidence is circumstantial.

I would also like to congratulate the cast and crew for being renewed for a second season.



Stray Observations:

-Jack’s investigative skills are finally shown when he works with Harrow to solve Wagner’s murder.

Best one liners:

  • “We’d all break the law for the right reasons” (Jack to Saroya).
  • “No I’m dead, I decided to haunt you through the mobile network” (Jack on the phone to Harrow).
  • “Harrow’s not the only rebel around here” (Fairley to Saroya).


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