Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 2 (Isn’t She Lovely)

Although I don’t do it very often, I do like doing my reviews character by character. When I do it, it’s usually because there was so much that happened in an episode, the easiest way to review it all is to break it down character by character. I felt that this episode was a little slow moving at first but went from 0-60 about halfway through when Hayley’s pregnancy crisis quickly surfaced.

Again with this episode, although the Hayley drama didn’t arise until halfway through I felt that the farm drama was more in the background.

Hugh, Matt and Ajax–Hugh’s efforts to fix the water pump were a great running gag and bookends of the episode. Although Hugh’s struggles with running the farm aren’t being hidden, his efforts to fix the water pump, especially the attempt as if he were performing open heart surgery, were a subtle way of showing his struggle to balance his life as a doctor and his duties to his family. While Matt and Ajax’s bickering wasn’t as a bad in this episode, it was starting to get a bit old, so I was relieved when Matt decided to step up when Ajax and Hayley’s baby was born. Ajax’s revelation that he doesn’t want to work on the farm without Jim was heartbreaking but not that surprising and with the baby being born and nearly losing Hayley in the process, it might give him the perfect reason to step back for a while.

Matt, Charlie and Meryl–Matt and Charlie’s troubles were generally front and centre in this episode. Hayley’s insistence on Charlie having children brought up old issues for the couple. Matt wants to have a baby and Charlie clearly doesn’t, something that you think they would have discussed before getting married. Compounding to this issue is the stress of whether police officer, Darren, who has made a sudden reappearance, is angling for a bribe. Meryl briefly stepped away from her grief over Jim to help them decipher whether Darren was angling for a bribe and according to her, he was. It was good to see Meryl as her old self, even if it was only brief.

Ajax and Hayley–Ajax and Hayley were going along smoothly in this episode but due to the promos, I knew it wouldn’t last long. Hayley discovers she has HELLP Syndrome, a form of pre-eclampsia and subsequently suffers from a seizure and ultimately has to undergo a C-Section. Matt Castley’s and Chloe Bayliss’ performances as scared parents-to-be were on point and were the highlight of the episode. I ultimately knew that Chloe and the baby would survive (although I was scared for the latter for a moment), as it’s incredibly rare for a show to kill off two leads in the one season.


Overall, despite moving at an initially slow pace, this was a solid episode as the family’s grief over Jim’s loss and the troubles with the farm are still present but aren’t overwhelming. There were still dramatic stakes with Hayley’s pregnancy complication, which were resolved with a realistic but much needed happy ending.


Stray Observations:

-The show’s theme song has “returned to normal” although I thought it might have been more sombre to reflect Jim’s death.

-I was wondering the entire time whether Hayley’s insistence on Charlie having children was an inside joke and reference to Nicole de Silva’s real life pregnancy during production.

-Hayley’s the one playing Call of Duty now.

-I know this is nit picky, but considering the attention to detail provided in order to provide a realistic surgical setting, I was surprised to see Ajax was all geared up with his hair tied back, surgical mask and clothing on, and yet he wasn’t wearing gloves, I wonder who let that detail slip.

-Dora sighting: At the glamping site when Darren shows up.


Best one liners and interactions:

This episode had many great interactions beyond the classic one liner, so I decided to include interactions as well.

  • “I’m not making a point, I’m making an empire!” (Matt to Hugh)
  • “Welcome to the real world my darlings!” (Meryl to Matt and Charlie when discussing if Darren was looking for a bribe)
  • “It’s very beautiful for cold mechanical objects” (Betty on the new machine in the heart clinic)
  • “Maybe robots in the future will actually be quite lovable” (Betty)
  • “I think we were overcome by the shiny objects” (Penny to Hugh on their quickie in the clinic)
  • “Making it rhyme does not make it fine!” (Charlie to Matt after he tries to bribe Darren)
  • “Did you just give yourself a compliment while apologising?” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “Congratulations grandad!”, “You’re fired!”, “You don’t work here anymore!” (Mia-Hugh-Mia)
  • “Thanks for nearly dying for our baby”, “my pleasure” (Ajax-Hayley)
  • “So boring”, “So beautiful” (Hugh-Matt simultaneously about farm life)


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